It Depends on What the Meaning of “Hate” is.


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According to Nancy Pelosi she has no hate in her heart as she was raised in a loving Catholic home. And she prays for our president every night. And says don’t put that word in the same sentence as her. Don’t mess with her when it comes to that word! I guess she has a different meaning to the word Hate.

Have you ever heard the cliche, “no bond is stronger than two people who hate the same person?” It turns out there is actually some truth to that statement. Despite hating people being a socially unacceptable act, on the few occasions when people have the guts and/or strong emotion to motivate them to share their negative opinions about a person, it often pays off in the form of new or stronger connections.

Research has found that people form stronger bonds when they are able to talk about their dislike toward someone else than when they both have positive feelings toward someone. The question is, why does an action as disrespectful as spewing negativity about other people increase hateful individual’s quantity and quality of connections? Science of People

Nancy shares her negative opinions of Trump. Nancy talks about her dislike toward Trump. Nancy spews negativity about Trump.  Nancy is disrespectful to the President of the United States. If this isn’t hate, I wouldn’t want to see what she considers hate. According to most dictionaries and this article in a science magazine, she is showing signs of HATE.  Just in one week she has called Trump a coward, an imposter, and colluding with Russia. Those are hateful, untrue remarks, and she can’t hide from them as she is on camera.

Also, based on above article, the bond of hate is so strong that it increases the quantity of haters’ connections.  Thus why Trump haters have more followers on WordPress than Trump defenders. They love to hate and love sharing their hate.

Over the last three years she has made a bevy of insulting remarks about Trump. None of this comes from love of the man–only hate.  She goes on to say she doesn’t hate anyone. Her actions prove differently. No one impeaches a popular, successful president out of love–only hate but in her words it is for our democracy and the integrity of our elections. The way she treated James Rosen in the press room proved otherwise. She wagged her finger at him and gave him a lecture about how prayerful she is for our president. Bullsh-t.  She hates the man with a passion, and prays he’ll die every night, no doubt.

Trump is running circles around the Democrats with the great economy, and she can’t stand it. Everything Trump touches comes up roses.  None of the allegations they tried to pin on Trump have stuck. Why?  Not because he’s teflon; but because they aren’t true. The truth will always prevail. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer, but it usually does.  Look how long it has taken to expose Biden for who he really is: a man dripping in corruption and selling his influence and position to the highest bidder. High IQ and physical fitness aside, this man has been exposed.

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For the MSM to encourage Biden’s bullying his own constituents by challenging them to sit ups and calling them names, they will be sorely disappointed if he comes up against Trump.  Trump labels his enemies but he never loses his temper or gets in a physical challenge with them.  No one wants a president that has a short fuse like Biden. He needs to cool it if he wants to win the primary. There’s a difference between being tough like Trump and being belligerent. Seems like ol’ Biden got bit by the Hate bug too.

And Nancy, next time you claim to have no hate for anyone, you might want to try being a little introspective and self-analyzing before those defiant comments spew from your lying lips. Because I’ve seen nothing but hate come out of you in the last three years. I guess it depends on what the meaning of hate is to you.

What’s the Big Fuss About Holding G7 at Doral?



Trump is always looking to save the government money.  If his resort will be cheaper, more beautiful, and more comfortable than other choices they had for the G7, why wouldn’t he recommend it?  It would be analogous to parents offering their estate home for their child’s wedding-saves money on the venue.  Will it look bad in the eyes of his critics?  For sure.  Is he spitting into the wind?  No doubt.  Does he care?  Not a bit.  Will he change the venue? Not likely. (Oops, I think he just did. My bad. He did once say he likes to be flexible. Updated 10-20)

Trump said they would do it at cost so his resort makes no money.  No emolument clause issues. But, as usual, the Democrats and Chris Wallace got their panties in a wad and said there’s a motive for him to gain a profit.  Let’s get one thing straight, Dems, if Trump wanted to make money he would’ve stayed in the private sector building high rises all over the world.  He’s not even taking a salary as president.  And his sons have given up all overseas work, unlike Hunter Biden. And Chris, if the resort needs any upgrades (as you’ve snidely implied) to hold the people, Trump would pay for them out of pocket as he’s a builder, you biased reporter. He’s not a shyster like you are implying.  So what if bookings are normally down in June in Miami?  It will keep the employees working rather than going on unemployment.  Since when is keeping minimum wage employees working a bad thing?  Double standard.  The only thing Wallace should be complaining about is the heat at that time of year.  

Bush famously held many meetings at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. So it’s not a first.

The place dubbed Bush’s “Western White House” has seen 18 visits by foreign leaders, scores of news conferences and long bike rides in the 100-degree heat, as well as the commander in chief’s seemingly ceaseless quest to clear brush. With the approaching hand-over of power to President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 20, such moments are coming to a quiet end. Spokesman Review.

I think what the Democrats and media (which are one and the same) are really worried about is that the folks who attend the summit will find that Trump’s Doral Resort is really lovely, and it will be reported by some honest reporter–maybe even overseas–and they can’t have that.  They don’t want other countries to think anything positive about Trump. That’s what’s really going here–another attempt at burying the truth. So media and Democrats, shut the Bleep up! Trump won, and elections have consequences.  Get over it! This won’t be another reason to impeach! I’m sure if Obama offered up his 29 acre cliffside resort in Cape Cod the media would be swooning over his generosity.


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Trump’s rally in Dallas last night was exciting and energizing. It almost felt like one was in the stadium with the audience.  They were so fired up–20,000 inside and 30,000 outside. How can any candidate compete with that?  Trump has a rock star like following. And the more the left talks about impeachment, the larger his crowds get. Trump went after Nancy for staging a fake news “meltdown” after a meeting. Why does she act like a mean girl in high school?  Trump hands her a letter, she flips it face down on the table, refuses to read it, then smiles at him.  It’s strange the way she’s behaving lately. Maybe she’s regressing into childhood. But the fake media reports that she’s got control over the president. I think she’s had insomnia since the impeachment inquiry began as she knows in her heart of hearts that there’s no grounds for it. She’s feeling conflicted and guilty.

If a women in power had ever behaved like this to Obama (and one did) she would be vilified in the news for being a Nurse Ratched. Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, wagged her finger at Obama and it was as if she had pointed a gun at him. The media always takes the side of the Democrats, and I think the public is starting to catch on.  If not, they must be blind. One liberal recently wrote that the losing party was willing to give Trump a chance after he won.  That is not only false but is laughable.  He was never given a chance as they organized the Women’s March the day after the inauguration and made horrible threats on his life. And haven’t stopped since. If that’s giving him a chance, I must be blind too.

Then Trump poked fun at Beto for saying he’s going to take guns from everyone and not allow churches to have tax exempt status.  It’s a losing “hail Mary” if anything especially in Texas.  He said Schiff committed fraud when he composed a false script of Trump’s phone call.  Whether he committed fraud or not, nothing will happen as the Democrats are always above the law.  He also had a go at Hollywood and called them stupid. He barely mentioned Sleepy Joe or Pocahontas, just that we’ll win in 2020, if that’s all they got. Then he read a list of what the Democrats will do to the country if they win: from taking democracy away to bankrupting us to open borders to free college to healthcare to illegals to raising everyone’s taxes, and raising the deficit by 30 trillion.  That’s no lie if a socialist wins.

Trump also kidded around with his former rival Ted Cruz in the audience.  He mentioned that he had to go up against Ted who was top debater from his college and was nervous.  He hired a debate coach and fired him after one session. Sort of gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how Trump won the presidency.  Not by colluding with Russia but rather by campaigning everywhere, working hard, and practicing for his debates.  It gave a softer side to the usual boastful, tough guy Trump.

Yesterday while traveling through my local biggest city, the street was lined with Trump supporters in front of City Hall shouting his name and carrying banners and flags.  It gave me hope that maybe my state is turning back to Republican.  One could only hope. Although I witnessed a few sour faces driving past them.  :/