Everyone Knows this Election was Fixed…

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even the Democrats know, but can we prove it? Trump had the red wave coming into the shoreline and it was surf’s up. GOP candidates in the House were waxing up their boards, we were catching the wave in the Senate, and riding in the curl in states that the pollsters said we’d lose. We were surf’s up by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania, not sure why Florida hadn’t been called yet nor Ohio. In fact there’s an old adage if you don’t carry Ohio, you can’t win the election. Then Trump suddenly won Ohio. Gnarly! But…not…so…fast. Wipeout.

Suddenly the sky turned black above us foreboding a storm coming like in the movie The Perfect Storm and I thought, we’re not getting out of this. We climbed aboard a rescue ship. FOX News called Arizona for Biden when there were only 67% votes in and our ship started taking in water. We were ahead in Wisconson and Michigan but the waters got choppy and they called it for Biden. Then are ship was overcome by a white squall that no one saw coming and all the counting stopped dead in the water. Atlanta said they had a watermain break, another said they ran out of ink, and another ran out of ballots. It was an all out perfect storm of vote stealing. Our ship was hitting hard headwinds, our mast broke, and we started to sink.

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But seriously, this election was like a fixed sports game where one player purposely made a huge unforced error giving the game to the other team. But this is different as Trump didn’t purposely make an unforced error to give the states to Biden. Trump got all out robbed of the ball by Biden, but there were no penalties or fouls or interference called. The refs and umps were in on the fix and remained silent while Trump got systematically robbed in the dead of night. And no one was there to shout out in Trump’s defense. They were all in on it or too afraid to say anything.

Historians will write stories about this election for decades. It was unprecedented in U.S. History. It was like a cyber warfare terror attack on our election system that will scare anyone from ever running for office again. It all started with the demand for mail in ballots under the ruse of covid fear. The GOP capitulated on the mail in ballots and therein lies their first mistake. Then the pollsters lied for weeks about Trump being way behind so when they stole the election it wouldn’t look so shocking. Even FOX News pollsters suspiciously and remarkably were in on it too. But Trump’s rallies were off the charts which made his supporters think there would be a red wave. Notice FOX News uncharacteristically stopped covering his rallies the last week and we couldn’t find them on CSPAN either, just online. Another foreboding of what was to come.

When I saw Martha McFly donning bright blue the night of the election, that was the first clue we were in trouble. I’ll never watch her show again. Someone got to her. One of the Murdock wives must have befriended her. She chose her career over country much like Meghan Kelly did and look how that turned out. They didn’t seem outraged at all when Trump’s fortune began to whittle away. They sat there smiling and giddy. I don’t think Bill Hemmer was in on it but that notwithstanding, FOX News sucks.

If Trump can’t turn this around in the courts, the only redeeming hope we have left is that each and everyone of the cheaters (and they know who they are) may contract covid 19. It would be ironic if nothing else. I’d rather have them go to jail, as they used covid to steal the election. Then they catch it? It would be their karma, comeuppance, or just deserts. But seriously, these people are criminal and belong behind bars. These people are the lowest form of pond scum. Not the kind of people I grew up with. Not the kind of people I want my children to look up to. Not the kind of people we want running our country. Not the kind of people we want handling our ballots ever again. They will get their just deserts for cheating. They belong behind bars, but I won’t hold my breath.

In the meantime Trump needs to keep fighting for us and the country. We stand by Trump. People need to stop telling us to “let it go.” I won’t let it go until the last legal vote is counted. They never allowed Trump a day’s rest in four years. They can wait a couple of weeks. Trump got robbed, and he needs to be made whole by the Supreme Court. The truth will prevail.


Happy Veteran’s Day


Reversal of Fortune.


Photo by Norma Mortenson on Pexels.com

This has been their plan all along. It started with China who is buddies with Biden sending a virus over to our country, killing thousands, then Biden blaming Trump. This turned into a mask controversy that lasted for months resulting in millions of MAIL IN BALLOTS being sent to addresses everywhere. We tried to stop it. Trump tried to stop it, but he was against strong headwinds coming from the media, big tech, Democrats, FBI, the courts, and compromised scientists (Fauci).

Then came the Hunter laptop from hell which proved that Crooked Joe was on the take from China, but the left did everything possible to bury the news. They banned it from social media, newspapers, and not one tv network ran with it aside from FOX.

Notice Crooked Joe remained calm during the Hunter scandal as he knew the fix was coming soon. The big fix. Ballots were harvested, forged, counterfeited, and stored just awaiting for a Trump red wave. When they saw it coming on election night, governors called the cities that agreed to be involved in this sham and told them to wait for all the rural counties to finish counting before they did anymore counting. “We need to know how many illegal ballots to come up with.” Notice this only happened in Democrat-run cities. All the red states were able to finish counting on election night with no problem. They weren’t part of the sham. This is a highly organized scheme that has Hillary’s, Obama’s, Soros’, and now Eric Holder’s fingerprints all over it. Including Crooked Joe, Kamala, and Jill.

They literally stuffed the ballot box. The oldest trick in the book in a Banana Republic. Biden bragged recently that he got more votes than Hillary and Obama. So did Trump, Crooked Joe. Lazy people decided to vote for once in their life or sold their ballot or had it stolen. This is why mail in ballots were mostly filled out for Crooked Joe. I love the way FOX is blaming Trump for putting down mail in ballots which caused the Democrats to come out in droves to use the mail in ballots. This may be true, but how many of them also voted in person? That remains to be seen. When I voted in Nevada, they didn’t ask for my license or have me sign my name. I could have been anyone sent in using my name. I’m telling you, there’s something rotten in Denmark (blue states).

If someone voted twice, forged someone else’s ballot, mailed a dead person’s ballot, mailed a former resident’s ballot, weren’t a resident longer than 30 days, discarded a batch of mailed ballots, tampered with a ballot in the elections office, or counterfeited a ballot this is stuffing the ballot box. They will be caught and prosecuted at some point. In the meantime, Crooked Joe will be named our next president. We got robbed right before our eyes. I’ve never in my life seen such blatant chicanery in broad daylight and not one person is arrested. Where is the outrage from the media, FBI, CIA, DOJ, National Guard, our Republican senators…anyone…anyone? Why are we sitting back and allowing them to steal the election away from Trump? Why? I know, because they hate Trump.

When I woke up this morning and saw a blue board, I knew then we got robbed. If I thought for a minute that the mail in ballots were legal and Joe really won, I’d say “well, we gave it a good run.” But when the counting stopped in the middle of the night and didn’t continue until more ballots arrived the next day, I knew we were doomed. Curious that the mail in ballots hadn’t been opened prior to election day. But this is worse than I thought. Ballots workers covering the windows, cheering when inspectors are kicked out of the room, and all out filling in ballots is more than I can take. These ballot workers were hired with intent to commit fraud. They must be antifa or blm. We need to check their social media accounts.

This is a woman boldly filling out ballots for Crooked Joe, no doubt, in broad daylight. Pennsylvania went from a sure win for Trump into the blue category overnight. It is shocking.

Next they will be coming up with phony votes to steal the Senate. Just wait. Then the stock market will crash big time and we will have the beginning of a third world country because our law enforcement has no guts. I am pissed and disheartened. I feel like I was physically punched in the gut and robbed in broad daylight without the help of Russia.

Our hard evidence of voter fraud is past is prologue and the Democrats have been coming for Trump for four years. Why stop now? They have no shame or guilt. We’re not stupid. We know what they do as they’ve told us so. They have no scruples. They are dirty rotten scoundrels that have committed a reversal of fortune right before our eyes.