Everyone Knows this Election was Fixed…

Photo by Simon Clayton on Pexels.com

even the Democrats know, but can we prove it? Trump had the red wave coming into the shoreline and it was surf’s up. GOP candidates in the House were waxing up their boards, we were catching the wave in the Senate, and riding in the curl in states that the pollsters said we’d lose. We were surf’s up by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania, not sure why Florida hadn’t been called yet nor Ohio. In fact there’s an old adage if you don’t carry Ohio, you can’t win the election. Then Trump suddenly won Ohio. Gnarly! But…not…so…fast. Wipeout.

Suddenly the sky turned black above us foreboding a storm coming like in the movie The Perfect Storm and I thought, we’re not getting out of this. We climbed aboard a rescue ship. FOX News called Arizona for Biden when there were only 67% votes in and our ship started taking in water. We were ahead in Wisconson and Michigan but the waters got choppy and they called it for Biden. Then are ship was overcome by a white squall that no one saw coming and all the counting stopped dead in the water. Atlanta said they had a watermain break, another said they ran out of ink, and another ran out of ballots. It was an all out perfect storm of vote stealing. Our ship was hitting hard headwinds, our mast broke, and we started to sink.

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com

But seriously, this election was like a fixed sports game where one player purposely made a huge unforced error giving the game to the other team. But this is different as Trump didn’t purposely make an unforced error to give the states to Biden. Trump got all out robbed of the ball by Biden, but there were no penalties or fouls or interference called. The refs and umps were in on the fix and remained silent while Trump got systematically robbed in the dead of night. And no one was there to shout out in Trump’s defense. They were all in on it or too afraid to say anything.

Historians will write stories about this election for decades. It was unprecedented in U.S. History. It was like a cyber warfare terror attack on our election system that will scare anyone from ever running for office again. It all started with the demand for mail in ballots under the ruse of covid fear. The GOP capitulated on the mail in ballots and therein lies their first mistake. Then the pollsters lied for weeks about Trump being way behind so when they stole the election it wouldn’t look so shocking. Even FOX News pollsters suspiciously and remarkably were in on it too. But Trump’s rallies were off the charts which made his supporters think there would be a red wave. Notice FOX News uncharacteristically stopped covering his rallies the last week and we couldn’t find them on CSPAN either, just online. Another foreboding of what was to come.

When I saw Martha McFly donning bright blue the night of the election, that was the first clue we were in trouble. I’ll never watch her show again. Someone got to her. One of the Murdock wives must have befriended her. She chose her career over country much like Meghan Kelly did and look how that turned out. They didn’t seem outraged at all when Trump’s fortune began to whittle away. They sat there smiling and giddy. I don’t think Bill Hemmer was in on it but that notwithstanding, FOX News sucks.

If Trump can’t turn this around in the courts, the only redeeming hope we have left is that each and everyone of the cheaters (and they know who they are) may contract covid 19. It would be ironic if nothing else. I’d rather have them go to jail, as they used covid to steal the election. Then they catch it? It would be their karma, comeuppance, or just deserts. But seriously, these people are criminal and belong behind bars. These people are the lowest form of pond scum. Not the kind of people I grew up with. Not the kind of people I want my children to look up to. Not the kind of people we want running our country. Not the kind of people we want handling our ballots ever again. They will get their just deserts for cheating. They belong behind bars, but I won’t hold my breath.

In the meantime Trump needs to keep fighting for us and the country. We stand by Trump. People need to stop telling us to “let it go.” I won’t let it go until the last legal vote is counted. They never allowed Trump a day’s rest in four years. They can wait a couple of weeks. Trump got robbed, and he needs to be made whole by the Supreme Court. The truth will prevail.


Happy Veteran’s Day


11 thoughts on “Everyone Knows this Election was Fixed…

  1. In a previous post about “A Sad Day for America,” you said that “Anyone who wishes ill of the president and Melania, is an evil person and should look themselves in the mirror.” Are you not now wishing ill of the “cheaters” whom you are hoping contract COVID or end up in jail?


    1. Good call. Welcome back. I prefer them to go to jail as voter fraud is a jail sentence. They cheated, they’re not innocent people. I didn’t write die from covid but wouldn’t it be ironic if they used covid to “steal an election” then caught it? You don’t see the irony? It’s tongue and cheek as then I write, “but seriously” (and that was just for you) or any other snowflakes that can dish it out but can’t take it.

      Jane Fonda was praised for saying “covid was a gift from God to take out Trump. ” She didn’t care that it took out 200,000 other people? Amazing. I personally loath anyone that cheated in this election. Loath. 72,000,000 voters feel they have been robbed. But I’ll wait until each and every paper ballot is authenticated and then machine counted and all the voting machines checked for glitches. Then we’ll see who the winner is.


      1. It’s difficult to pinpoint the satire in your writing because you usually seem so angry and accusatory. I know your blog markets itself as satirical but you aren’t exactly “The Onion” over here.
        So you aren’t wishing death on anyone. Good. For the record, you never saw me wish death on anyone from COVID or anything else. I’m not Jane Fonda nor do I align with her beliefs.
        Realistically, how many people do you think cheated in this election? And who are they?


      2. You’re right. It’s hard to pinpoint my humor as I never write LOL. Don’t worry my husband doesn’t always see it either. But in reality I’m not angry, I’m mild mannered female Clark Kent. Covid isn’t a death sentence as 99% survive. Couple of days of sniffles maybe. I didn’t say you wished death on anyone or agree with Fonda, others did.

        I believe around up to 2 million illegitimate votes were cast or lost between the Dominion flipping, counterfeit ballots, forged ballots, dead people ballots, harvested ballots, stolen ballots, trashed ballots, double voters, sharpie pen voters, and non resident voters. Can they prove it? That’s another story. But this will change how we do elections forever. Who are they? Read my blog “Mail in ballots: 8 cases for voter fraud.” And every case was used it sounds like. That’s who.


      3. OK but if you’re writing satire, you shouldn’t need to write “LOL” or anything. Perhaps I need to change my lens for when reading. Honestly, I do read most of your posts. I’ll try to read everything as sarcastic and satirical, and maybe that will help me align my understanding of your point with your actual point. So I’ll give that a shot.

        I’ve heard claims of voter fraud, but not to the tune of 2 million. That would be very significant. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I just haven’t seen that in media reports or lawsuits. How did you arrive at the 2 million number?


      4. I never said I was satire sometimes sarcastic. My LOL comment was meant to be funny. I just don’t think you get my humor. I read an article on The Onion (which I’ve never gone on) about Tucker Carlson. That’s not funny to me as they try too hard to be funny. It’s in your face humor sort of like SNL. Tucker is hilariously funny to me with a straight face. That’s my kind of humor or Larry David’s. Subtle humor. I miss Seinfeld. But some of my blogs are dead serious.

        I got a break down on Word Press that came to over 2 Million from a reliable source. I could copy it for you.


      5. Yeah I guess I just don’t get it sometimes. I’ve never thought Tucker Carlson was funny, but he never really branded himself as being funny. Or maybe he did and it isn’t my humour. What scares me is if people take Carlson or The Onion seriously; that’s where we have to be cautious. As long as you see entertainment value in it and don’t hold it as objective truth, I think that’s a good thing.
        I’m with you on Larry David. Both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm are brilliant.

        If you wouldn’t mind copying over the link I’d gladly give it a read. Thanks!


      6. I’ll look for it. It came out yesterday. Tucker is funny when he imitates people’s voices and makes faces and laughs. But he’s on the right so you may not find it funny. Hannity is just Hannity. He doesn’t try to be funny. Glad you agree about Larry David. His humor is about everyday things that annoy him. I older I get, the more I get like him in the show anyway. No yelling though. Just pointing things out to checkers and stuff.


      7. Thanks for sharing. Definitely raises some questions. I guess the main question will be whether this can be validated or not.


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