Covid is the New HIV/AIDS…

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as far as fear is concerned. They are both worldwide pandemics although HIV has killed over 37 million and covid only 1 million. We were taken by surprise when covid hit our shores just like when AIDS hit in 1981. Millions of people died from AIDS worldwide as we knew nothing about the disease much like covid. I don’t recall President Reagan getting blamed for causing or not curing HIV/AIDS, and he ran for a second term successfully. Amazing. And no one used the unfortunate deaths from AIDS as a campaign platform like Biden did with covid. But we were kinder back then and had more decency, dignity, and soul. And there was no voter fraud. But I digress.

They are both killers. We had to adjust our way of life when AIDS started spreading. Gays had to practice safe sex, bath houses closed, multiple partners were a thing of the past, and blood banks had to test for AIDS. Dentists searched our mouths for sores before cleanings; and when it started to spread to heterosexuals and wives, protection was in vogue. It also spread from tainted blood transfusions or needle sharing.

But over the years therapeutics have reduced the number of deaths from AIDS just as therapeutics are reducing the number of deaths from covid right now. There still is not a vaccine for AIDS after 40 years which is almost inexcusable. Maybe politically it hasn’t been researched to the full extent of medical capabilities. After all, multiple partners and bath houses were decadent behavior.

Covid could end up much like AIDS with just therapeutics to treat it. All viruses are not “created” equal, (key word created) and a successful vaccine for this one could take years. Does this mean we’ll have to wear masks the rest of our lives? No. We’ll just have to be more sanitary when we go in public, wash our hands when we get home, no close-talking strangers (Seinfeld), no touching our faces, no drink or needle sharing, and again multiple partners is not a good idea. And if you’re sick, for godsakes stay home. We’ll behave like germaphobes for sure but better than a lifetime of mask-donning zombies. Our dentists will continue to check our temp and wear protective covering but the stores will eventually remove their plexiglass and mask mandates.

Is this a new norm, maybe; but not the new norm Newsom, Cuomo, or Biden are asking for. It is just adjusting our lifestyle a little bit. National or statewide shutdowns cause more damage than help. “The cure cannot be worse than the disease.” Eventually covid will dissipate as all viruses do and the risk of getting it will go way down. This will probably occur next year. Has anyone seen anyone with a cold this year? Not me. So there are some benefits to being a germaphobe, it killed the cold. It also killed the flu, so I’m not sure why our doctors are asking us to get a flu shot. We have been covered up for nine months. Do the math.

I think what was missing during this pandemic was personal accountability. We were not given the choice to take care of ourselves or use our common sense to know what would or would not spread it. We are all responsible for our own wellbeing, even college kids. Let us use our own good sense rather than government overreach to protect ourselves and children. We don’t want to be a nanny state. Dr. Fauci was irresponsible with some of his recommendations like cruises were okay and so was sex with strangers. Cuomo was irresponsible for allowing sick patients back into their rest homes. Neither of them should have had any say in our behavior. Common sense at the time would have had most people cancel their travel plans and the ones that didn’t, that’s on them. No one else’s fault but their own.

Covid is the new AIDS as far as fear is concerned and how it targets certain types. It is airborne which actually makes it more contagious but more treatable. Covid targets elderly with underlying health conditions and AIDS…well…you know.

Trump’s Warp Speed vaccine research has recently found a vaccine which is 90% effective and the FDA may approve it for mass production next year. But Brainfreeze Biden wants to send it overseas first. He’s not for America First, he’s for America Last.


2 thoughts on “Covid is the New HIV/AIDS…

  1. A lot of interesting points and comparisons to the two diseases, but one point stands out above all the rest. Biden’s desire to fix the rest of the world first, putting Americans last. Sounds a bit like Obama 2.0. Let’s hope to God Trump is able to pull off an upset, and win this thing after all.

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