Is China Bribing or Blackmailing our Elected Officials?

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And how long has this been going on? Maybe some officials were groomed by China to advance their careers in exchange for U.S. secrets. If so, this is treason. Congressman Swalwell had a Chinese spy fundraising for him landing him his job as congressman. How do we know if money came in from China to support his campaign? And he had the nerve to run for president recently and condemned Trump for being a Russian Agent?

Has anyone noticed that whatever these politicians accuse Trump of, they are up to their eyeballs in the doing the same? Like when they accused Trump of a quid pro quo with Ukraine when it was Biden all along. It is remarkable, if nothing else. They have a lot of gall. This swamp is deeper and higher up than we all know. Swalwell needs to resign.

Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years and is still in office. Biden is beholden to China after all his transactions during his term as VP involving his son at the bagman. Biden needs to bow out now before all the s-it hits the fan. How many more of these corrupted politicians are beholden to China? Did they conspire to have a Chinese virus sent to the U.S. to hurt Trump’s economy and, therefore, crush his chances of reelection? At this point, I wouldn’t put it past them.

All this needs to be looked into. The left seems to dismiss the fact that the virus even came from China so that is clue number one. We need to appoint a Special Counsel to look into China Interference or Collusion in our election, for real this time. Sure it will cost several million again, but Trump will not allow it to run three years. There also is a connection to our Dominion voting software that China has their hands in.

We are getting played by China in cahoots with compromised elected officials in high positions. Let’s put a stop to it. They are trying to steal our election as well as our country.



Trump Seems Optimistic on his Chances…

of winning, despite the onslaught of negative demands that he should just let it go.

President Trump at a rally in Valdosta, Ga., on Saturday.

If you had your expensive automobile stolen in broad daylight and you saw who did it, would you just let it go? Of course not. You’d file a police report and leave it up to the authorities to find your precious auto before it became dismantled and sold for parts. Well…Trump is doing the same thing: leaving it up to higher authorities (the courts) to find out who stole his election live on television (the Democrat machine) before the country is dismantled and figuratively sold to China. Give him a chance to prove it. Be patient!

My long time neighbor who supposedly is a Republican has already given up on Trump’s chances and calling him “a baby” for not conceding. He thinks there were some shenanigans but that Biden got more votes. If this is how the mass majority of America feels, we are in trouble. He hadn’t even heard of the “suitcases filled with after-hour ballots” so he’s getting his news from the likes of NBC.

Trump insists there is a boatload of evidence proving voter fraud and that there’s a good chance he’ll end up victorious. I’m already convinced there’s enough evidence, but find it difficult to believe that others aren’t. They must be watching or reading suppressed news media. I like Trump’s optimism. I just wish America had the same. He had a huge crowd yesterday at his Georgia rally which shows that at least some folks have not just let it go.

We’ve warned of what will happen to America if the Democrats take total control. It’s not going to be pretty. They’ll change everything from the Supreme Court all the way down to our police. They want no prisons, no borders, no laws, no health insurance, no fracking, no fossil fuel, no guns, free handouts, more states, no electoral college, no worshiping, no schooling, no history books, no constitution, government control of everything. Basically a third world country or the Old Wild West. We’re already experiencing some of this with no worshiping, no schooling, no police, cancel culture, prisoner releases, and activist judges.

Biden has not legally won the presidential election. The media does not pick our president. Certified electoral votes totaling more than your opponent’s is how one wins. Some states are still in question and need a revote or at least a recount of lawful ballots before we’ll know for sure. Trump says he won in all the questionable states, by a lot! Without proof that Biden won fair and square, we’ll never be able to accept him as a legitimate president. Never.

Biden needs to stop choosing his retread cabinet members taken from the Obama garbage heap and wait for the results of the election. He’s going backwards, not forwards. He’s swamping up our government even more than it already was. Notice how the appearances of Obama on camera have escalated. He must be biting at the bit to be in charge behind the scenes. It’s not an accident he still has a home in D.C. This has been the Obama’s plan all along, retake the White House. This will be the worse administration in history from the looks of it so far. The complete opposite of America First. It will be America Forgotten.



“Crossfire Voting Chaos” Reminds me of “Operation Varsity Blues.”

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Arrogance to a much larger scale. Arrogance that they thought they’d get away with it. We all remember how outraged we became when we heard of celebrities gaming the system to get their little darlings into the ivy league college of choice to impress their friends. Especially when we saved for years, sold property, or took out a line of credit to put our children into a state college even when they worked hard to get a 3.8 grade point average. How dare these entitled elitists demand better for their children, we all collectively thought? It didn’t matter if we were Democrat or Republican, we all agreed that they bribed college coaches under the guise of giving to a charity. It was disgusting.

In 2019, a scandal arose over a criminal conspiracy to influence undergraduate admissions decisions at several top American universities. The investigation into the conspiracy was code named Operation Varsity Blues.[1][2] The investigation and related charges were made public on March 12, 2019, by United States federal prosecutors. At least 53[3] people have been charged as part of the conspiracy,[4][5] a number of whom pleaded guilty or agreed to plead guilty. Thirty-three parents of college applicants are accused of paying more than $25 million between 2011 and 2018 to William Rick Singer, organizer of the scheme, who used part of the money to fraudulently inflate entrance exam test scores and bribe college officials. Wikipedia

Now we are experiencing a similar scandalous outrage to a much larger scale but it seems only Republicans are disgusted. To imagine that my vote was not counted or discarded or flipped or held back or altered makes my blood boil. It should make everyone’s blood boil, but we are hearing crickets from suppression news media including FOX. Of course, big tech has buried any stories about this. They are corrupted from the top down and people should just cancel their accounts.

The major similarity between these two scandals is we realize now we are actually living among people willing to risk it all–family, freedom, jail, reputation, and fortune–for an outcome they desire. They think they can BUY anything from a college admission to an election. These criminals are predominately Democrats as the Varsity Blues Scandal consisted of Hollywood elites, liberal CEOs, university admission staff and coaches, and California wine country moguls. These coconspirators eventually got caught quite by accident as all this criminal behavior sent up no red flags. Bribery seems to be a popular tool used by the rich in the Democrat Party. But it’s illegal and becoming more and more prevalent.

How do we know the officials in the suspicious voting precincts in several states weren’t paid off with generous bribes to pull off illegal votes for Biden? We don’t. What they didn’t plan on, however, was the extent to how well Trump would do in the election (as they believed their own fake polls), so they had to stop the counting in midstream live on television to gather additional ballots or tamper with the voting machines. That was their fatal flaw IMO as folks across America witnessed this and smelled a rat. I suspect they used more than one illegal measure to pull this scheme off as the “messier the chaos, the harder to prove in court.”

Another similarity was the extent of the cheaters to “act happy” when they found out they got accepted in Yale or Harvard or USC. The parents actually fooled themselves into thinking their children deserved the acceptance even though they knew they cheated! Much like how Biden’s handlers and supporters are behaving: measuring for curtains in the White House, choosing cabinet members and a covid science team, talking with foreign leaders, and dancing in the streets. Basically “pretending” they won with the help of the media calling Biden “President Elect” ad nauseum in order to fool the rest of us “morons.”

Another similarity is that the college scandal was widespread across the nation with families participating over the years and went unnoticed. This means there are some very lawless people in our country masquerading as prominent, successful people that we should all look up to like university deans, professors, CEOs, and celebrities. Biden behaves much the same calling himself a “decent man with character.” I don’t think conspiring to steal an election shows character or decency.

Biden’s probably not sure if he pulled it off yet as he keeps saying, “if I get elected” and Bill Maher said, “you know Biden didn’t win” to a Democrat guest. Remember how Lori Loughlin adamantly denied, denied, denied her guilt just like how the voting precincts are denying any voter fraud. Everything was on the up and up. That’s another one of their traits, “deny until the evidence buries you.”

Whether Trump wins in the courts or not, we will always know in our heart that Biden heisted the election with bribery. Bribery is the Democrats “go to” answer to just about everything. They can’t win on their own policies alone as they are whacked. We just can’t believe they actually are willing to break the law to win. And they are banking on the people thinking the same thing. But I won’t give Biden a honeymoon or let it go or bury the hatchet if the courts don’t have the courage to stand up to the mob and rule in Trump’s favor. Especially after the way the left treated Trump for four years. Forget about it.

Everyone Knows this Election was Fixed…

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even the Democrats know, but can we prove it? Trump had the red wave coming into the shoreline and it was surf’s up. GOP candidates in the House were waxing up their boards, we were catching the wave in the Senate, and riding in the curl in states that the pollsters said we’d lose. We were surf’s up by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania, not sure why Florida hadn’t been called yet nor Ohio. In fact there’s an old adage if you don’t carry Ohio, you can’t win the election. Then Trump suddenly won Ohio. Gnarly! But…not…so…fast. Wipeout.

Suddenly the sky turned black above us foreboding a storm coming like in the movie The Perfect Storm and I thought, we’re not getting out of this. We climbed aboard a rescue ship. FOX News called Arizona for Biden when there were only 67% votes in and our ship started taking in water. We were ahead in Wisconson and Michigan but the waters got choppy and they called it for Biden. Then are ship was overcome by a white squall that no one saw coming and all the counting stopped dead in the water. Atlanta said they had a watermain break, another said they ran out of ink, and another ran out of ballots. It was an all out perfect storm of vote stealing. Our ship was hitting hard headwinds, our mast broke, and we started to sink.

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But seriously, this election was like a fixed sports game where one player purposely made a huge unforced error giving the game to the other team. But this is different as Trump didn’t purposely make an unforced error to give the states to Biden. Trump got all out robbed of the ball by Biden, but there were no penalties or fouls or interference called. The refs and umps were in on the fix and remained silent while Trump got systematically robbed in the dead of night. And no one was there to shout out in Trump’s defense. They were all in on it or too afraid to say anything.

Historians will write stories about this election for decades. It was unprecedented in U.S. History. It was like a cyber warfare terror attack on our election system that will scare anyone from ever running for office again. It all started with the demand for mail in ballots under the ruse of covid fear. The GOP capitulated on the mail in ballots and therein lies their first mistake. Then the pollsters lied for weeks about Trump being way behind so when they stole the election it wouldn’t look so shocking. Even FOX News pollsters suspiciously and remarkably were in on it too. But Trump’s rallies were off the charts which made his supporters think there would be a red wave. Notice FOX News uncharacteristically stopped covering his rallies the last week and we couldn’t find them on CSPAN either, just online. Another foreboding of what was to come.

When I saw Martha McFly donning bright blue the night of the election, that was the first clue we were in trouble. I’ll never watch her show again. Someone got to her. One of the Murdock wives must have befriended her. She chose her career over country much like Meghan Kelly did and look how that turned out. They didn’t seem outraged at all when Trump’s fortune began to whittle away. They sat there smiling and giddy. I don’t think Bill Hemmer was in on it but that notwithstanding, FOX News sucks.

If Trump can’t turn this around in the courts, the only redeeming hope we have left is that each and everyone of the cheaters (and they know who they are) may contract covid 19. It would be ironic if nothing else. I’d rather have them go to jail, as they used covid to steal the election. Then they catch it? It would be their karma, comeuppance, or just deserts. But seriously, these people are criminal and belong behind bars. These people are the lowest form of pond scum. Not the kind of people I grew up with. Not the kind of people I want my children to look up to. Not the kind of people we want running our country. Not the kind of people we want handling our ballots ever again. They will get their just deserts for cheating. They belong behind bars, but I won’t hold my breath.

In the meantime Trump needs to keep fighting for us and the country. We stand by Trump. People need to stop telling us to “let it go.” I won’t let it go until the last legal vote is counted. They never allowed Trump a day’s rest in four years. They can wait a couple of weeks. Trump got robbed, and he needs to be made whole by the Supreme Court. The truth will prevail.


Happy Veteran’s Day