Trump Seems Optimistic on his Chances…

of winning, despite the onslaught of negative demands that he should just let it go.

President Trump at a rally in Valdosta, Ga., on Saturday.

If you had your expensive automobile stolen in broad daylight and you saw who did it, would you just let it go? Of course not. You’d file a police report and leave it up to the authorities to find your precious auto before it became dismantled and sold for parts. Well…Trump is doing the same thing: leaving it up to higher authorities (the courts) to find out who stole his election live on television (the Democrat machine) before the country is dismantled and figuratively sold to China. Give him a chance to prove it. Be patient!

My long time neighbor who supposedly is a Republican has already given up on Trump’s chances and calling him “a baby” for not conceding. He thinks there were some shenanigans but that Biden got more votes. If this is how the mass majority of America feels, we are in trouble. He hadn’t even heard of the “suitcases filled with after-hour ballots” so he’s getting his news from the likes of NBC.

Trump insists there is a boatload of evidence proving voter fraud and that there’s a good chance he’ll end up victorious. I’m already convinced there’s enough evidence, but find it difficult to believe that others aren’t. They must be watching or reading suppressed news media. I like Trump’s optimism. I just wish America had the same. He had a huge crowd yesterday at his Georgia rally which shows that at least some folks have not just let it go.

We’ve warned of what will happen to America if the Democrats take total control. It’s not going to be pretty. They’ll change everything from the Supreme Court all the way down to our police. They want no prisons, no borders, no laws, no health insurance, no fracking, no fossil fuel, no guns, free handouts, more states, no electoral college, no worshiping, no schooling, no history books, no constitution, government control of everything. Basically a third world country or the Old Wild West. We’re already experiencing some of this with no worshiping, no schooling, no police, cancel culture, prisoner releases, and activist judges.

Biden has not legally won the presidential election. The media does not pick our president. Certified electoral votes totaling more than your opponent’s is how one wins. Some states are still in question and need a revote or at least a recount of lawful ballots before we’ll know for sure. Trump says he won in all the questionable states, by a lot! Without proof that Biden won fair and square, we’ll never be able to accept him as a legitimate president. Never.

Biden needs to stop choosing his retread cabinet members taken from the Obama garbage heap and wait for the results of the election. He’s going backwards, not forwards. He’s swamping up our government even more than it already was. Notice how the appearances of Obama on camera have escalated. He must be biting at the bit to be in charge behind the scenes. It’s not an accident he still has a home in D.C. This has been the Obama’s plan all along, retake the White House. This will be the worse administration in history from the looks of it so far. The complete opposite of America First. It will be America Forgotten.




3 thoughts on “Trump Seems Optimistic on his Chances…

  1. Hope you didn’t misunderstand my comment. I was speaking in general terms, not implying that you would in some strange way think that Biden won fair and square. Great blog, always look forward to reading your latest stuff.


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