Was Joe “playing with his dog” “pulling his tail” or “slipped on a bathmat after showering?”

Photo by Carl Adrian Barcelo on Pexels.com

Will the correct answer please stand up? This guy lies like a bathmat. He can’t get his answers straight because he’s so used to lying. He wants the best political optics for a broken foot. So far none of them pass the smell test and some of the visuals are disturbing. No one wants to picture Joe running wet and naked. No one. Not even Jill.

He wants his dog to be involved so let’s go with that. The only way he breaks a foot is if he kicked his dog in anger and the dog bit back and Biden lost his balance. That’s my best guess. They aren’t called “police dogs” for nothing; and since it’s a rescue, he probably has issues to begin with. Mix that with a nutty old man and you get a broken foot.

How the shower got into the picture, I’m not sure. Joe loves being naked so maybe he read that most accidents happen coming out of the bathtub. Usually bathmats have rubber backing and do not slide and you don’t run while wet and naked especially when you’re 78 years old. It would be suicide. So his third reason stinks. No one in their right mind would try to pull the tail of a German Shepherd unless you’re a child. So his second reason “chasing his dog to pull his tail” is suspect unless we all agree to admit Joe is not in his right mind.

Maybe it’s a combo of all three stories. Joe showered with his dog and the dog bit him, after all Joe’s a lech, so he chased the dog out of the shower trying to stop him by pulling his tail and tripped in the process. But that’s too creepy. Or a more logical excuse is he had another seizure and collapsed. Who knows as the press covers for him. Why all these unfathomable stories? Just say you misstepped and twisted your ankle. He’s old and his bones are brittle. We would get that. Leave out the rescue dog, the shower, the naked, the chasing, the bathmat, and the tail. Sounds more like a tall tale. Only a sociopath would add details to their story to try to make it more believable.

Recently watched a documentary of past presidents based on the account of their secret service agents. JFK (known by his adoring press as the Camelot Presidency) was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe which was kept secret from the public and Lyndon Johnson was even worse. He was sleeping with all his female secretaries and had a secret room somewhere in the White House to conduct this behavior. And where did all these floozies come from? What happened to women’s lib? And Marilyn’s death is still a mystery as well as Oswald being the lone sniper in the Book Depository. There were lots of coverups afterwards including Oswald’s untimely death by a guy dying of cancer. Almost looks as coordinated as today’s stolen election.

So the secret service is called this because they keep secrets of a sitting president quiet until they leave duty. President Gerald Ford was portrayed in the press as a stumbling president but the opposite was true. He was a tough, former football player and very sure on his feet. But SNL made him out to be clumsy. I even remember the skits.

Jimmy Carter came off as a nice, jovial peanut-farming president that cared about the “everyday working” man. Complete opposite was true. He treated his staff and drivers like they were nothing and never engaged in conversation with them, i.e. he was arrogant. Nixon and his wife never slept in the same room. Reagan was the kindest president to secret service and staff always meeting with his pilots when entering Air Force One. His wife not so much. We all know about Bill and his escapades, but it was Hillary that treated the secret service poorly. She wouldn’t allow them to walk next to her as she wanted to be seen on camera after all she has to brag of dodging sniper fire in her future. I’m sure the secrets of Obama and Bush will come out one day. That’s a page turner.

Point is, what we see or hear about the presidents is not what it seems. The press cover for the Democrat presidents and make up stories about Republican ones and shockingly this has been going on for decades! We’ll know the truth later what the secret service says about Trump. They probably love him. Right now the press is covering for lyin’ Biden but the juicy truth from the secret service will come out one day. And I do mean juicy. We’ve already heard he swims in the nude in front of female secret service. Ick!


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