How the Democrats Pulled This Off.

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After the three year long Mueller Report failed to take out Trump on charges of Russia Collusion, the Dems were desperate for their next big scheme.

It all began with George Floyd getting arrested on camera with knee on neck and then DOA. The media jumped on the Floyd bandwagon and ran with it. Some say he died from an overdose of an illegal substance which he ingested prior to his arrest and some say he died at the hands of rogue police. Regardless of how he died, he was Black and the police officer wasn’t. Whether this cop was recruited to rough up George Floyd to instigate a revolution, that remains to be seen. This one incident, although we have many incidents of officers getting killed by Blacks which go unreported, was the impetus for mass riots. This incident unleashed a national protest that seemed to last most of this year. It had college students, young impressionable minds, and the liberals all coming to the streets along with the usual agitators.

Cities were getting burned, looted, and cops were told to stand back or down so not to be accused of brutality. Police cars were getting trashed and burned while the police stood back. People that tried to protect their stores got injured or killed and no one cared. It was complete anarchy from a little known group called Black Lives Matter then morphed into another little known group called Antifa (anti-Fascist) which is comical. They took over every major Democrat city across America. Portland is still getting attacks. Seattle was seized and only got back control after Trump sent in the National Guard which these governors refused. “It’s the summer of love,” their idiot mayor said. I called this Crossfire Chaos–cause enough chaos across America so Trump will get blamed.

Simultaneous to this going on, the House was trying to impeach Trump for a phony quid pro quo charge when in actuality it was Biden who used quid pro quo with Ukraine. But you see, to the average voter that only gets their news from late night comedy shows and Facebook, Trump was made out to be the villain in all the above. He was called the racist who allowed police to kill George Floyd and called the corrupt president holding back U.S. dollars to investigate his opponent. And don’t forget Charlottesville protest which they found a way to label Trump a Nazi. Racist, corrupt, and Nazi are not good names to hear about our president but were repeated daily by suppressed news media. All part of their plan.

The media and newspapers coordinated with social media to suppress all the good Trump accomplished and make up bad news. This went on for two years but escalated during 2019 and on. They never even reported on his Middle East Nobel Peace Prize nominations which was disheartening to Trump and his family. Melania, who is a stunning First Lady and former supermodel, was never photographed for the cover of any magazine. Not one cover. So the magazines were in on the shunning of Trump’s family too. When compared to former First Ladies like Michelle and Laura it was shameful if not meangirlish. Jealousy of Melania’s beauty was the main reason. But I digress.

Simultaneous to Trump’s impeachment, China (Biden’s buddy) unleashed a deadly virus into the world that ended up putting an irrational fear into some. It was the perfect storm: Impeachment, riots, and now a pandemic during an election year. Such fear that they couldn’t go vote in person, but could protest in the streets. Well, the Democrats failed at hurting Trump with the impeachment and the riots it seemed as the economy was still booming, so this was their last ditch attempt to take him out. The pandemic and the national stay-at-home orders! Biden even ran on covid and mask-shaming Americans.

Little did Trump nor the GOP know how coordinated this voter fraud would end up being. From the onset of mail-in ballots to election workers who were probably recruited from BLM to activist judges which allowed election laws to be changed prior to election day to post offices who coordinated in the attempt to the corrupt governors and mayors of the cities this all took place in. They didn’t ask for voter ID or signature matches when we went into vote! Anyone could be voting in our place. It’s outrageous what they pulled off.

As a result, tens of thousands of dead people voted across America, tens of thousands of illegals voted across America, tens of thousands of prisoners voted across America, tens of thousands of Xeroxed or forged ballots were cast across America, tens of thousands of votes were computer flipped or rejected across America, tens of thousands of ballots were stolen or discarded across America, tens of thousands of imposters voted across America, tens of thousands of out-of-state ballots were cast across America. tens of thousands of ballots were tampered with across America, tens of thousands of after-hours ballots were cast across America. and tens of thousands of ballots were counted multiple times across America. And the criminals who took part in this have no shame or scruples. If this wasn’t coordinated, I don’t know what is. But it’s like herding cats to bring all this into a court of law. And when all added up, more votes came in for Sleepy Joe. Shocker! This is how they pulled it off. I call this Crossfire Voter Chaos.

Did we get played? So far it looks that way. We knew mail in ballots would be our downfall, but we had no way to stop it in the middle of a pandemic. No way. Now Biden is predicting a Dark Winter of covid which is only a dogwhistle to his Democrat governors to cause more pain. These governors are threatening shutdowns again as a reminder to the judges and Supreme Court of the power they still have. It is extortion to hold back stimulus money, shutdown cities, and threaten more violence in exchange for a verdict in their favor. Plain old fashion extortion. But it’s all they have left. It’s all they know how to do. It’s all they are good at.

And if they get the verdict they desire, the clouds will suddenly open, the sun will shine again, stimulus checks will be pouring out of D.C. as well as vaccines, and Biden will look like a hero. This is what they are striving for. Kamala even inadvertently admitted to this by saying, “We will open up the economy once we get in office.” If that isn’t an admission that they are holding back the economy, I don’t know what is.

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Stay tuned. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


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