Whistleblowers Testify to Widespread Election Fraud…

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

yet they are being ignored or vilified by the suppressed news media and apparently now our DOJ. It is appalling. Whistleblowers are crawling out of the woodwork to testify under oath to what they were firsthand witness to: widespread voter fraud. And since when are whistleblowers a bad thing? They are revered by the left when they lie about Trump. Amazing.

One USPS subcontractor testified to pallets of filled out ballots being driven out of state to Pennsylvania under the instruction of their boss who was a big Trump hater. How in the world does the USPS have postal managers that aren’t bonded and honest? This manager should be fired; but under a Biden Administration, he’ll probably get promoted to the White House where all the other lawless, sketchy characters are promised positions. We trust in the mail everyday, but now I’m not so confident. This whistleblower was not political at all but said he couldn’t go to his grave without speaking up. Kudos to him. He is a real hero despite what A.G. Barr has said.

Another example of voter fraud was stacks and stacks of “Xeroxed” ballots with the same date and signature on them “all for Biden” and the rest of the ballot blank being sent through the machine multiple times i.e. running up the vote for Biden. This all stinks to high hell and authorities and Americans should be outraged! A mysterious man came into one voting precinct and sat at the computer and put in a USB with security guards saying nothing. This same man came back twice and no one said a thing.

Barr may be getting threatened and his wife has asked him to “let it go.” This is what spouses do. They want their family to be safe and know their husband has lots of power so they kowtow to the left. The whole country seems to be kowtowing to the left. Black Lives Matter is waiting in the wings to burn down every city if Trump triumphs over Biden. Just waiting in the wings in their moms’ basements with nothing to do except smoke pot. Mayors of cities know this and is why they’re asking for Trump to “let it go.” They are all cowards. A peaceful end justifies an illegal election means? It seems so.

Is this how we want to run our country by threats like a Mafia Style extortion of shop owners in New York City but on a much larger scale? I would hope not, but it seems we are going in this direction. If every judge, legislator, governor, and electoral vote caves to the left, Trump will lose. Losing to BLM and Antifa will be such a crushing loss. They are nothing but illiterate thugs who should have been jailed long ago, but liberal mayors like DeBlasio allowed them to run rampant and be released from jail to threaten us even more. Bail was being posted by Kamala/Biden campaign. Kamala’s campaign photographer was also working for Dominion overseeing the voting machines. Wow! Shocking. The whole thing is another setup and sham coordinated by the Democrats.

TRUMP WON THE ELECTION HANDS DOWN! WE, THE VOTERS, HAVE BEEN ROBBED. BUT WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? Protest Biden’s inauguration? Possibly. But the damage will already have been done with a Biden win. Our country will never be the same with a Biden win. We will slowly become a socialist country all because a few mayors were fearful of retaliation in their cities and a few judges and DOJs were fearful as well?

What are we setting ourselves up for? I’m not sure. But it can’t be good.


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