The Irony of Biden “Wearing” the Boot.

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Biden needs to “GET” the boot out of contention for the highest office in the land. He cheated! Everyone knows it! Why are we even debating it? Why is everyone playing dumb? Why do we have to watch endless reports on all the fraud that took place in America? This isn’t supposed to happen in America. We aren’t a third world country with a banana republic yet this is what we have become. I’m sick of it. America is sick of it. Just put gimpy in handcuffs and haul him off to the clinker.

To pretend for the next four years that gimpy won the election without a conspiracy to cheat, defies believability. Everything done on election night was a farce in plain sight from the watermain break to the sharpie pens to Dominion flipping votes to stacks of Biden ballots being unloaded to the count being stopped to observers being refused to voters being turned away to ballots being rerun into computers to Trump ballots being discarded. Come on, man! What country are we living in?!

Biden will be the most secretive president in history. He hides all his medical visits and will lie about what really happened. For all we know he kicked his dog as he has a vicious temper. To say he broke a bone “playing” with his dog is just nonsense unless he fell into a hole and twisted his angle. And this is the guy who bragged about bringing Trump behind the gym? Laughable. And what’s the big whoop about his dog being a “rescue dog?” Is that a requirement for president that I am not aware of? To me, this is just something elites say when you ask what breed their dog is. He’s a rescue. So arrogant, so smug; just like Biden. And just like the media who eats this crap up.

And what’s the big whoop about Biden hiring women with children in his cabinet? Are you kidding me? I guess compared to Obama who hired spinsters, Biden is one upping Obama. Trump chose women with children at home. Hello? All of them are young mothers including Amy Coney Barrett yet the media could care less. I’m sick of the media. They are the true enemy of the state. They lie, cover, bribe, fabricate, and bury stories daily. Just like 60 Minutes. They’re currently trying to erase Trump from the history books in real time. It’s disgusting. Trump is still president! This is like communist Russia. This is why they want a communist in the White House.

They are already talking about prosecuting Trump as a private citizen with their DOJ. Why and for what? God only knows. But this is all they really know how to do: prosecute, investigate, and waste taxpayer dollars. They won’t be helping America, as America will be last on their list. It’s other countries Biden is beholden to as well as lobbyists and big Wall Street donors. Welcome to China and Russia. Enjoy your stay.

Let’s give Biden the real boot! He deserves it. He cheated. PERIOD!




2 thoughts on “The Irony of Biden “Wearing” the Boot.

  1. As bad as sleepy, kammie and perilosi are, the REAL problem is a complacent America. When America realizes there’s more to living here than beer, pizza, the NFL/NBA, and lifestyle and ivory-tower “influencers” telling us what is good, we will see change. Not before that. What a shame, if ever America gets “right” the high-criminals of today may escape punishment.

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  2. Wow, you pretty much stole my reply 😉 Joe’s age related health problems are just beginning, there will be more to come. If he makes to the half way point, I will be very surprised. You’re absolutely correct, most Americans think this nation is on cruise control, with no operator input required. As far as the DOJ is concerned, that whole place needs to be purged of all political hacks, and future replacements required to sign a non partisan pledge.

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