Is China Bribing or Blackmailing our Elected Officials?

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And how long has this been going on? Maybe some officials were groomed by China to advance their careers in exchange for U.S. secrets. If so, this is treason. Congressman Swalwell had a Chinese spy fundraising for him landing him his job as congressman. How do we know if money came in from China to support his campaign? And he had the nerve to run for president recently and condemned Trump for being a Russian Agent?

Has anyone noticed that whatever these politicians accuse Trump of, they are up to their eyeballs in the doing the same? Like when they accused Trump of a quid pro quo with Ukraine when it was Biden all along. It is remarkable, if nothing else. They have a lot of gall. This swamp is deeper and higher up than we all know. Swalwell needs to resign.

Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years and is still in office. Biden is beholden to China after all his transactions during his term as VP involving his son at the bagman. Biden needs to bow out now before all the s-it hits the fan. How many more of these corrupted politicians are beholden to China? Did they conspire to have a Chinese virus sent to the U.S. to hurt Trump’s economy and, therefore, crush his chances of reelection? At this point, I wouldn’t put it past them.

All this needs to be looked into. The left seems to dismiss the fact that the virus even came from China so that is clue number one. We need to appoint a Special Counsel to look into China Interference or Collusion in our election, for real this time. Sure it will cost several million again, but Trump will not allow it to run three years. There also is a connection to our Dominion voting software that China has their hands in.

We are getting played by China in cahoots with compromised elected officials in high positions. Let’s put a stop to it. They are trying to steal our election as well as our country.



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