What’s Behind Governors’ Hate of Small Businesses?

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

Whether you’re on the right or left we all require a small business, hair salon, restaurant, dry cleaner, boutique, gym, nail salon, bars, athletic store, shoe store, or church at some point. Is it the size of the establishments that have the governors hating them? Too small so, therefore, we’ll contract covid if we enter? Is that it? It all seems so willy nilly as far as who is allowed to stay open and who needs to shut down. Or is there something bigger going on here? It sure seems that way.

New York City is the worst. Why would they want all their small businesses to go under leaving their streets abandoned? It’s unseemly. Who or what thrives during shutdowns? Amazon workers are allowed to deliver goods. Grocery chains are booming. Home improvement chains are prospering. Delivery services like Door Dash are in demand. Computer screen meetings and schooling have soared. Plexiglass manufacturers are in demand as well as freezer containers now that the vaccines are being shipped. But not everyone works for these companies.

Or do some governors enjoy seeing people suffer from isolation and loss of pursuit of happiness and livelihood? Do they assume that all small businesses are run by Republicans and, therefore, they should be punished? After all, most elected Democrats have never run a company or hired a soul. So possibly. The Republicans are the entrepreneurs while the Democrats are usually community organizers or just cogs in the wheel of some other person’s grand idea for a company or a lifetime government employee.

Why in the world would a large production company of a crap tv show be allowed to film and eat together outside but not a nearby small ma and pop deli? The entertainment field is usually made up of liberals so there’s that. But is it that simple? Most people can’t figure it out. No one knows what these governors are trying to achieve other than defy Trump and support their donors. Trump has asked that everything stay open including schools with appropriate precautions taken. That’s Trump’s message. Are they just defiant governors that like going against their president? Is it simple as that? I’d really like to know.

Because if Biden pulls this Biden Ballot Heist off, he’ll have to bring back the economy but they’re doing all they can to make it worse before next year. Is this so Biden can say he saved the country from the brink of another depression which they said when Obama first won. How selfish and uncaring are these people? Nancy even admitted to playing politics with the stimulus bill until Biden takes office and a vaccine is forthcoming! Are you kidding me? We expect this from her but what about the rest of these clowns?

Biden foreshadowed a “dark winter” and we all know he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed so it seems to be a part of a bigger scheme that he was told about: “We’ll hype the reporting of covid deaths and hospitalizations in the media, so we can shut down more businesses prior to you taking office. Then we’ll open everything up afterwards, and you and the Democrats will look like saviors.” And the media is usually lockstep in line with the Dems.

Or maybe, just maybe, the left knows that Biden hasn’t won the election and they’re trying to ruin the economy even more prior to Trump’s next four years. Is that it? You would have thought they’d be opening things up prior to Biden coming in, but the complete opposite is true. They must be hedging their bets on Biden’s win and are worried they’re foiled again like the wily coyote.

Does anyone wonder why when we hear of recent deaths from covid, we never hear the statistics of who died, where they caught it, how old they were, or if they had an underlying condition or in a car accident? Why is that? We need to know so we don’t experience the same fate. They seem to want to blame it on Thanksgiving gatherings. Well, if so, prove it! Show us how they caught it! Did they catch it at the market purchasing their turkey? Was it hugging their grandchild or their son’s new fiancée? Did they catch it traveling to grandma’s? Was it just sitting too close to a stranger at the dinner they were invited to? Or was it another rest home patient that died from natural causes being counted as covid? Tell us how these victims caught it over Thanksgiving! Please give us the statistics!

Rudy Giuliani recently caught it, but he’s been working his butt off at hearings, meetings, and court sessions with all kinds of folks so he could have been exposed anywhere. He’s a hard worker like Trump and people like this will contract it at some point. Those that hide in their basement, not so much. We got that. I wish Rudy a speedy recovery. We need him. Ted Cruz has offered to represent Trump if his cases go to the Supreme Court. He’s used to presenting cases to the supreme court and Trump should take him up on his offer. It also means that Ted is quite sure that Trump has a solid case which is a good sign. I think Ted should replace AG Barr or Chris Wray. One of them.

All in all these shutdowns are untimely before Christmas and seem a little punitive. I’d really like to know the reasoning behind these shutdowns. Is it just hospital capacity, politics at play, or something even more nefarious going on? Anyone? Anyone?




2 thoughts on “What’s Behind Governors’ Hate of Small Businesses?

  1. Lot to chew on there. I will offer that if driving the country into deep despair is the democrank plan, that could well backfire on them and guarantee a repullican revival; climbing out of too deep a hole will be one hellova task, one the democranks are not up to. Suspect they are evilly smarter than that. On the other hand, they are, in the fringes of their ranks (state governors and mayors) unable to keep themselv in-line on the plan. We’ll see. We have no choice.


  2. If they do drive us into a deep hole, they and the press will say Biden inherited the mess from Trump. It’s their “go to” excuse for everything: blame Trump. And they aren’t up to the task of getting us out, only Trump is.


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