Cuomo Shuns the Vaccine Until Biden Takes Office.

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i.e., he wants Biden to get credit for all of Trump’s work from recruiting the private sector to work at Warp Speed to removing all the red tape that would have held it up for years. Reminds me of Obama and Biden taking credit for Trump’s booming economy after they left office. Impossible to give credit to previous administration that had us on the brink of bankruptcy with high unemployment and those that had given up altogether. It is incorrigible.

First of all, Biden ain’t going to be in office as stealing isn’t winning. It may feel like winning to a bank robber or an auto thief or even a burglar; but it is short-lived as they usually get caught. In every heist there are about 50 or so mistakes made. In Biden’s heist, there are so many mistakes made, it almost looks rooky and sloppy enough to throw off investigators. They must be thinking this couldn’t have been planned as it is so blatantly sloppy. This has to be just a series of mistakes. But I think the opposite, that it was highly planned and called Crossfire Ballot Chaos. The more chaos, the better so they can blame low level election and postal workers when they get caught; and they always get caught.

So while Biden is walking around trying to look presidential, reading speeches written by a scholar that works for MSNBC that praised Biden’s speech the next day, Trump is actually running the country while trying to seek a legal opinion on the suspicious ballots and tampered voting machines.

Biden looks uncomfortable, if not guilty, trying to play the part of president. He and his cohorts are probably wondering how in the world they pulled this off and are still in shock. But to shun a vaccine with 90% effectiveness is almost dereliction of duty of a governor especially one that lost 30,000 seniors in his city to covid. It is shameful. Especially one that has shutdown every business in his city and put stores out of business. Especially one that has schools closed indefinitely which is child abuse. Especially one that allowed BLM to deface the streets of New York City with paint and allowed looters and arsonists to vandalize with impunity. Especially one that allowed his police to be attacked by thugs and were told to stand down. Especially one that has residents fleeing in droves and real estate tanking. No one should listen to Governor Cuomo. No one.

Obviously Biden has promised a position to Cuomo in his cabinet and Cuomo owes him. This is how Biden works with bribes. He uses his position even to members of his cabinet and Cuomo pays him back with “trying to stop” the vaccine. Screw the people who are deathly afraid of catching covid. Screw them all. Biden needs to get credit, and they’ll just have to wait. This is what Cuomo is thinking.

Cuomo claims the Trump administration won’t be able to handle the disbursement of the vaccines; that’s why we have to wait for Biden. So far Trump has handled just about everything more effectively than previous administrations so Cuomo has no proof of that. Biden actually wants to send OUR vaccine to poor countries before OUR people. This is the way they think. They are not “America first,” they are “every other country besides America” first especially China and Ukraine.

In fact, Biden promises to open up flights from hotbed Muslim countries which will start terror attacks again on our shores. Bottom line: Biden could ruin our country in a matter of weeks sending our stock market to depression levels the likes of the Great Crash of l929 that sent investors jumping from their New York City windows, although all the windows in New York are boarded up right now due to looters. This crash led to the Great Depression, so beware.

Biden wants to rehire the Obama cabinet. He wants to reinstatement all of Obama’s regulations on companies, cancel Trump tax cuts, get back in the Paris Accord which will raise our gas taxes, and sign another agreement with Iran. Basically it will be Obama 2.0 on steroids. Biden is a copycat so don’t expect him to have any original thoughts or ideas. Everything that Trump has done, he’ll take credit for; just like he’s trying to do with the vaccine with the help of Mafia-style Cuomo who threatened to “deck” the president if he wasn’t governor. Whether Cuomo is governor or not, he’d be put in jail for life. It would almost be worth it to get Cuomo out of office. Trouble is, Trump would hit him back and they’d probably arrest the president instead. And whatever happened to “a threat to a president being a crime?” Amazing. Democrats are all just above the law.





One thought on “Cuomo Shuns the Vaccine Until Biden Takes Office.

  1. Somnambulist Joey don’t want nothing, hell, he’s hardly awake. It’s his keepers Kammie, Perilous and their retinue AOC, Sir Hillary, Tlaib… etc etc. Why, ask yourself, are there so MANY recognizably EVIL Democrats causing such division, polarization, lawlessness, and only one Donald across the aisle universally despised?


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