Give Peace A Chance

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got rid of the threat of North Korea?  I think it would.  Let’s let Trump be Trump and show us the art of the deal.  I think it will happen.  Then we’ll have Iran and Syria to deal with.

All the Russian collusion talk was nothing more than a smoke screen put up by the Obama Administration to cover their a–s when Trump won.  All their cover ups would be exposed if Trump won.  Now it is happening day by day.  Wiretapping, spies, tarmacs, unmasking, bleachbit, crushing cell phones, immunities, FBI raids in the middle of the night, collusion with the media, and fake dossiers brought to FISA court.  This is all the stuff of a banana republic.  How is the left getting away with this?  The Republicans are in power yet you wouldn’t know it.  We need to stand up against this and voice our disgust.  It needs to stop.

More of us need to voice our disapproval of sanctuary cities and states too.  Write your city council and ask them to consider opting out of California’s sanctuary state.  I’ve done that but it hasn’t happened yet.  The unintended consequences of illegals flooding our states is not fully known yet but the left’s only reason for allowing it (Brown) is for more votes.  He also wants free healthcare for all illegals!  Seriously?  Yet, we, as citizens are facing rising costs of healthcare.  Repeal Obamacare please.  It was a flawed bill from the getgo.  Intended to fail so we’d get the government to come in and bail us out.  Do we really want the government running our healthcare?  I think not.

Happy Memorial Day to all the servicemen/women who lost their lives keeping our freedom.  We owe a debt of thanks to them all.  And thank you to the ones serving now.

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