Racism or just plain stupid?

The tweets by Roseanne got her fired today.  Not sure what she was thinking but the media is calling her racist.  I’m quite sure Colbert has said offensive comments about Trump but never has had his show cancelled as he hides behind the artistic license  of comedy.  Roseanne tried the comedy excuse but no one’s buying it.

Robert Deniro has said some vile things about our president even threatening to hurt him and so has Biden.  The NYTimes comment section has readers calling Trump an orange orangutan which is a monkey. But no one says a thing and the comments remain uncensored in NYTimes.  Then there’s Kathy Griffin whose career is making a comeback and Ashley Judd was never on the receiving end of a career punishment.  I won’t even mention Madonna, she should have been investigated by the FBI but, of course, they probably enjoyed her threat.  I’ve seen Johnny Depp threaten assassination in a video but no movies cancelled.  And famous basketball players are always making offensive comments about our president with no punishment.

Now most people don’t even know who Valerie Jarrett is or they forgot but saying an awful comment about someone no one knows is probably less of an offense than threatening a sitting president.  I would think. But not for the left.

Were her comments racist?  Maybe so.  But in that respect, all the comments made by minorities against our president should be considered reverse racist comments and they should apologize.  Yes?

I think a little double standard is at play here. ABC may have been looking for a chance to can Roseanne despite the success of her show, cutting off their nose despite their face. But I still think her tweet was stupid and that the racist word is getting overused by the media. Roseanne just doesn’t like Valerie and chose a stupid tweet to offend her.  And I’m sure Roseanne has been on the receiving end of hateful comments every since she said she voted for our president.  She must have gotten to her breaking point.

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