Spies, lies, and decries.

So the Trump campaign was admittedly spied on yet days later after this admission, the spin doctors are in full force.  “Spying on campaigns is okay as long as it is for the good of the country,” “we never spied, we had an informant,” “Trump is exaggerating and embarrassing the GOP,”  “we were protecting Trump from the Russians.”  Now if the left thinks we believe this spin, they must think we’re stupid.  Oh, I forgot, they do think we’re stupid.  We fall for anything, like Obamacare.

Wonder if the Bush administration had spied on the Obama campaign prior and after his election?  There would be outrage by the left heard around the world.  But if it happens to Trump campaign, we hear crickets from the Democrats just the sound of their wagon wheels circling the FBI and Obama Administration.

Voice your outrage somewhere, anywhere, to your friends and colleagues.  Don’t let the left think we believe their spin for one minute.  I can’t wait for Gregg Jarrett’s book, soon to be released, that explains what they did to Trump in detail to try to get Hillary elected.  Biggest conspiracy in American history.   Thank God Trump won so all this would get exposed and will never happen again.  The folks at the top of the FBI have all been politicized.  They needed to go.  And Brennan and Clapper are part of it.

And where are former president Bush and candidate JEB’s outrage with this news?  I think they would step up and demand an investigation of what happened. But I’m hearing crickets from them too.  I wish prominent Republicans would circle the wagons for Trump.  But instead they scatter like rats on a sinking ship except for the few that appear on FOX.

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