“Mama told me not to come…”

“Mama told me not to come…That ain’t no way to have fun, son…That ain’t no way to have fun, son”… by the Three Dog Night.

That’s what happened to the Eagles.  Their mamas or wives, who are Democrat, told them not to come to the White House, I contend.

It’s an honor to be invited and if you snub the White House, it’s disgraceful.  These overpaid football players better start thinking for themselves and stop being activists.  Ratings are going down each year with this nonsense.

Grow up and get some sense.  Football has nothing to do with police.  Police risk their lives everyday trying to protect the public.  It’s a red herring to say football players are kneeling due to police violence.  You’re all mad that a Republican won the presidency and your mamas didn’t vote for him.  You’re trying to make her happy by protesting on live tv; but guess what, you are making yourself look bad.

Stand up and salute the American Flag; and if you win the Super Bowl, go to the White House to be honored and meet your fans.  President Trump is doing everything to make your world a better place.  Just say “thank you” and show up with some respect like athletes did for Obama.  Tiger Woods went into the Oval Office and said it was the most overwhelming feeling.

You all missed out.  Maybe next year. 😦

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