The Democrats can’t trump Trump

What will the Democrats run on?  What will their platform be?  They can’t run on how bad the economy is, because it’s great.  They can’t run on getting more jobs, because there are more jobs than people looking.  They can’t run on defeating ISIS, because we have.  They can’t run on our standing in the world since we are currently trying to negotiate peace with our biggest enemies. So what will they run on?  Right now all they have left to hang their hats on is:  immorality, unpatriotic practices, socialism, and resist Trump.  They have no new ideas or an agenda that can trump Trump’s. It looks a little pathetic.

Here’s an example of what they support in no particular order:  1) The career of being a porn star 2) Entering our country illegally 3) Disobeying the immigration laws with sanctuary cities 4) MS-13.  5) War on conservative women.  6) Wanting higher taxes. 7) Legalization of pot  8) Allowing illegals to vote, drive,  and get free healthcare  9) Kneeling at football games 10) Resisting our president at all costs even to the country 11) Defending the Deep State 12) Transgender bathrooms 13) Obamacare  14) War on conservative speakers and entertainers  15) Conspiracy theories about Russian collusion 16) Anti-Christian 17) Sensitivity training in the workplace  18) #Metoo to the extreme 18) Tearing down statues 19) Ruining The Boy Scouts  20) Free college for all  21)  Promise Program  22) Anti-gun 23) Open borders and the migration lottery 24) Anti-police. 25) Leaking classified information to the press. 26) Shredding files, phones, and computers after being subpoenaed. 27) Putting stifling regulations on companies 28) Rewriting or whitewashing our history  29) No security systems or armed guards in schools

The Democrats have condoned all of the above and will continue to.  None of the above will make America Great Again.  It is all counterproductive.  It will actually make America bankrupt, depraved, unsafe, and unhealthy for all.

Be careful what and whom you vote for.  There’s always unintended consequences to every bill or law passed like legalizing pot and Obamacare.  And there’s definitely consequences to choosing a Democrat for the Senate or the House.  The Republicans need more members to get their agenda passed and signed by the President.  Let’s not let the President down with a blue wave.  Let’s make more of a Red Sea tsunami this November.

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