Why are Hollywood-types like De Niro so anti-Trump?

After seeing De Niro run his hate-filled rant against Trump in the news, we have to wonder what’s really bugging him aside from jealousy?  By the way, he looked pathetic.

He was one of the first actors to have an interracial marriage and probably supports Obama big time.  When Trump came out against Obama’s policies DeNiro assumed Trump was a racist and has been playing that card ever since.  But the audience he was speaking to rose in his support of the anti-Trump rant.  What’s got them so riled up when we are on the verge of a peace agreement with NoKo?  They should all be rooting him on rather than tearing him down. Is it that they are so stupid and uninformed, they don’t even know what’s going down?  That could be. All they hear on CNN and MSNBC is 90% negative from Stormy Stormy Stormy to Russia Russia Russia which is dumb dumb dumb.

But why is Hollywood traditionally Democrat and against Trump?  Here are some reasons:

  1. They can’t stand a rich, successful man being successful at something else besides his normal profession. They’d rather have a person with no life experience running the country, like Hillary who has never driven a car in thirty years or Obama who’s never created one job.
  2. They feel guilty themselves for the amount of money they are paid for doing little work and want the government to take their money in the form of high taxes. It is self-centered reasoning as they aren’t thinking of the average man who can’t afford high taxes.
  3. They profess to wanting the government to pay for the healthcare of the average man to make themselves look caring.  They don’t need health insurance as they go to their private doctors and pay out-of-pocket which they can afford.
  4. They hate anyone who runs as a Republican because they have labeled Republicans being against gay movement, abortion, gun control, and open borders.  They think Republicans are generally racists and xenophobic.  They are narrow-minded.
  5. They want illegals coming over the border so they can get them to vote Democrat to win elections and force their liberal agenda on the rest of America.  With Trump enforcing the borders it threatens their plan to take over.  And Hollywood lives behind gated properties and don’t have to deal with the consequences of illegals flooding the border.  They are the “not in my backyard” (nimbys) because it literally isn’t in their backyard or front yard; it is in everyone elses.  They live in a bubble and don’t care about the average Californian.

Trump’s doing a great job so far which really has got them and the establishment frazzled causing them to implode like De Niro did last night.  Even hate-filled Romney is changing his tune in favor of Trump.  A little long overdue as I’ve been waiting for a prominent Republican like him or Bush to come out in Trump’s favor.  About time Romney.  Now waiting for Bush, Powell, McCain, JEB, Kasich to swallow their pride.    And did I hear Bill Clinton say he hopes Trump is successful with NoKo?  Whoa.  Did he get permission from Hillary to say that?  Oops…he’s in trouble when he gets home.



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