“You Have To Know When To Scold ’em; Know When To Cajole ’em…”

“Know when to walk away and know when to run.”  Could be Trump’s words to the old Gambler song by Kenny Rogers.

He spent the first part of his presidency playing the tough guy and when he finally goes to the summit, he puts on the charm.  That is his M.O. modus operandi. Get over it MSM.

Now if Obama had pulled this meeting off with Kim Jong Un, the obstructionist media and Schumer would be doing back flips in the street and praising him for his diplomacy like they did after the bogus Iran deal.   No doubt about it.  But they had trouble even finding the slightest thing positive in what Trump pulled off.  Complaining about the flags, photo-ops, and the hand shake.

They never did this to Obama.  Obama bowed to our enemies and did the wave with them at a sporting event.  He was the king of photo-ops.  And there’s nothing wrong with photo-ops.  That’s called transparency.  The left used to complain Trump was being too tough, now he’s being too weak? As Chris Wallace said last night, “Someone once said “Reagan could walk on water, and the left would say, ‘look at him he can’t swim’.”  I.e.  Trump can’t win for losing.

How about Hawaii, Guam, Japan, South Korea and our west coast being able to sleep without the fear of a missile attack by Kim?  Period.  That is what Trump got us for now.  Fear of a nuclear war put to rest. The denuclearization will come little by little.

Thank you President Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo for putting this deal together.

What does little Bobby De Niro have to say now?


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