Birds of a Feather…Flock Together

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Hillary, Comey, and Obama, all using a private emails for official business to converse with each other regarding the Benghazi cover up that they were part of.  No wonder Hillary had to Bleachbit her hard drive: to delete Comey’s and Obama’s emails with her.  Now this is a new revelation about Comey’s private email.  We already knew about Obama’s and he lied about knowing about Hillary’s.  Did Comey have intent when he used a private email for official business?  No wonder he couldn’t find Hillary having intent.  He was guilty of some of the same stuff.

Now Strozk and Page had a clear political bias against Trump even saying they would stop him from winning the election.  Good job.  They also insulted Trump supporters saying we smell, are poor, lazy POS, didn’t watch the debates, looking for freebies, and are uneducated.  What elitist scumbags.  They are living in their own DC bubble–afraid of Walmart shoppers. I guess unless you waste money at Sprouts or Wholefoods you are poor, fat, stupid Trump supporters.  Narrow-minded.   Just so you know, Page and Strozk:  It’s the Democrats who are lazy and looking for freebies from welfare, healthcare, free college, and food stamps.  You need to get up to speed with your party. Trump supporters are the party of self-reliance and work for a living.

I wish these two were in jail already or at least FIRED.  The more I hear about them, makes me sicker.  To think that FBI agents in charge of such important cases are so filled with hate, bias, and stupidity appalls me.  And the IG report also says the FBI was in contact with the media often taking bribes from them.  This should be cause for dismissal.  Last time I worked for the gov. they said we could take no gifts or bribes from the public or will face dismissal.  The FBI sounds like one big frat house party. Cue the hot tub and champagne like the General Services had during Obama Administration.  I think what we have is leftovers from the Obama Administration that encouraged this kind of willy-nilly, anything goes behavior.

I see some similarity between the IG report on Comey and Comey’s report on Hillary.  They both broke laws BUT one wasn’t biased and the other had no intent.  YES THEY DID!  They must think We The People are awfully stupid to believe the results of these whitewashed investigations. This was another CYA report.  They are all covering for each other because they’re all in bed with each other.  Not literally except for smelly Strozk and Page and the leaker and reporter Watkins.  Not sure if we uncovered a sex orgy or a wide spread collusion within the FBI against Trump winning.  And where’s the #Metoo movement when it comes to Page having an affair which looks like with her boss?  Keeping their texts secret from Strozk’s wife, disgusts me.

According to the IG report, when a rank and file FBI agent discovered the emails that went to Weiner’s home computer and turned it over to Strozk, Strozk tried to sweep this under the carpet until after the election as he knew it would have another negative affect on Hillary.  But this agent kept on him to do something about it and, alas, Comey came out in front of the camera to cover his A– and Hillary’s after she clinched the presidency.  Comey figured she’d win but didn’t need this coming out later to taint her.

When will all these characters be perp-walked?  I can’t believe how slow this is going.  Who’s in charge at the DOJ?  Sessions?  Anyone?  Someone has to take these politically biased, hate-filled agents, that had intent out of the swamp.  Comey should be indicted as well as smelly Strozk and Page, McCabe, Rice, Lynch, and finally Hillary. But instead they jail Manafort without bail to show that they are tightening the noose around Trump.  Disgusting!  That judge is biased too.



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