The Left’s New Feigned Outrage to Use This November: Zero Tolerance at the Border!

The left is now grabbing at straws.  They tried Russia Collusion, then Stormy, then threat of nuclear war from NOKO, and now that those issues have died down they come up with a new one to go after Trump.  First when that Aunt Bee attacked his daughter now Kathy Griffin going after Melania and First Lady Laura going after zero tolerance.  Obviously this is all the left and the establishment have left to use:  “Zero Tolerance at the border is cruel” and “F Trump”.  So original and so pathetic.

Well, if I was breaking the law entering another country with my child, I’d leave with my child as they are allowed to.  Just turn around mommy and go home.  But rather than leave they are making a statement and allowing their child to be held while they get arrested.  Anyone in America who breaks the law and has children will be separated from their children as a citizen or not a citizen.

Nothing has changed Laura Bush and Kathy Griffin.  You are just still angry that Trump won the presidency over Hillary and JEB.  Get over it already.  Trump is changing our country for the better.  Sit back and put on your seatbelt , you’re in for a bumpy ride.  And Laura, why not get your husband on board and support our Republican president for a change.  I’m really disappointed in him lately. And I was a big supporter and contributor to his campaigns even volunteering in Marin much to my neighbors chagrin.

And FYI, some of these border children do not belong to the illegals carrying them–just props used to get over the border.  They’ve already been traumatized in their own country. It’s their new M.O.  Steal someone’s child and head to our borders since we are a compassionate country.  But no laws have changed since the Bush Administration.  The only difference is we are on to them and we are enforcing the law.  And to the Democrats in Congress:  If you don’t like our immigration laws then show up and vote for funding the wall and all the rest that goes with it. This is what Trump ran on.  Law and order. Rule of law. The constitution. Building a border wall. Stop your feigned outrage Laura and Kathy and Aunt Bee and little punchy.  It won’t work.  We the People don’t buy it.


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