“ICE ICE Baby…ICE ICE Baby…”

So the new narrative this week for the far left is Abolish ICE!  They have lost it.  They are unraveling at the seams.  Imploding.  They have nothing left now that Trump will pick another conservative Supreme Court judge.  Gillibrand is blowing this horn.  Obviously she thinks she can run for president on this platform.  First she tried to latch onto the #Metoo movement but was exposed for who she really is: a big Bill Clinton apologizer thus hypocrite.  That didn’t work, so she’s on to her next cause: Abolish ICE.

Any Democrat who wants to abolish ICE is against law and order and will never win on that ticket.  This woman has done nothing for our country or the Democrats.  She shouldn’t be running for anything.  She’s nothing more than a young version of Pelosi. She hasn’t gotten one bill passed.  She didn’t vote for the tax cuts which are making America prosperous again.  She’s clueless.  She filled in for Hillary after Hillary decided to run for president.  So they are both of like minds.

They started with Russia, Russia, Russia, then went to obstruction, obstruction, obstruction, then unstable, unstable, unstable, then North Korea, North Korea, North Korea, then onto Stormy, Stormy, Stormy, then recently to zero tolerance which after they discovered Obama did the same have changed to Just Abolish the whole kit and caboodle.  Their final issue will be Roe vs. Wade.  Roe, Roe, Roe your boat.

I’ve got an idea.  Let’s abolish the Democratic party altogether.  They aren’t progressive, they’re regressive.  They are obstructionists.  They won’t vote for an immigration bill yet they want to abolish the department that enforces the immigration laws. They blame Trump for every mass shooting like they blamed Palin for the Tuscan shooting but was done by a Democratic fan of Gabby.  And they buried the story about the Bernie volunteer who shot up the Republican baseball game.  And if ICE was able to do their job in San Francisco, Kate Steinly would still be alive.  PERIOD. They never talk about that shooting.

ICE are brave officers and deserve better than being protested.  What’s next, protesting the Navy, Army, Coastguard, and Marines?  The left will stop at nothing.  Anyone or any group that works under Trump is in their line of fire.  They are so filled with hate that they take down innocent people.  They surround people’s’ homes to embarrass them. They follow them into theaters and restaurants.  These folks should be arrested as they are inciting violence.  Arrest them as an example so this kind of evil will stop.  Remember Obama said, “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.  Get in their face.” This discourse all started under him.

Abolishing ICE is just another example of the left trying to cause an increase crime in America so they can blame it on Trump when the election comes around.  By then that will be all they have left to run on: Increase in Crime.  But it would be caused by them since they obstruct all our crime reducing programs, departments, and bills.  Build the Wall.

And for the last time.  Trump never says “Lock Her Up” at his rallies.  The audience does.  That was never said by him except during a debate when he said “if he was in charge of law and order, she’d be behind bars.”  Ted Cruz, Rubio, Christie, and even Huckabee said much worse during their debates.  After becoming president he hasn’t said that, yet the fake news keeps saying he says that at his rallies.  This is why they are fake news.  And he doesn’t encourage violence at his rallies.  Those characters were hired by Hillary. And he never told Russia to hack her computer.  He said, “If you know where her missing emails are, the press would be happy to get them.”  Something like that.  He was looking for the deleted emails like the rest of America and if the Russians already had them, turn them over.  Wasn’t encouraging hacking.  But Hillary decided to use that comment to run against him on and it backfired because, We the People are smarter than her, and know we are BetteroffwithTrump.


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