The Anatomy of an Occupy Protester

I’ve been studying these crowds since the war in Iraq began and then later Occupy Wall Street started and always had an opinion about them.  Who are they?  Where do they come from?  Are they organic or is someone paying or telling them to show?  Since the crowds come out quite frequently now, I have come to the following conclusions in no particular order.  Who are they?:

  1. They are either college dropouts, college rabble-rousers, disgruntled Hillary voters,  socialists, or loners looking to be part of something.
  2. They are recruited on Facebook and paid by Soros.
  3. They know little to nothing about the issues they are protesting as evidenced by them being interviewed by reporters.
  4. They are uninformed.
  5. They come from dysfunctional families with poor upbringing.
  6. They have no respect for law and order or rule of law.
  7. They hate FOX news.
  8. They hate our president.
  9. They loved Obama and Bernie.
  10. They have a war on conservative women evidenced by the attack on Sanders, Bondi, Neilsen, Melania, and Ivanka.
  11. They get their news from late night comedy shows or Facebook or MSNBC or CNN which are all equally fake news.
  12. They smoke pot and want it nationally legalized.
  13. They hate the police.
  14. Some come from the participation-trophy generation.
  15. They think climate change is the biggest threat to America.
  16. They want open borders and they don’t even know why.  It sounds compassionate or European.  They wish they were Europeans.
  17. They want to abolish most of our Constitution.
  18. They don’t want to work for a living.  They’d prefer a living wage from the government like Bernie is promising and free college and healthcare. But why go to college if you want to get paid for doing nothing after you graduate?
  19. They know a whole lot about stuff that is all wrong.
  20. They hate successful people especially conservative women who are successful.
  21. They have no mind of their own but follow a crowd like sheep.  Sort of mindlessly.
  22. Some of them get their marching instructions from their teachers in college as I recall my son went to college the day the war in Iraq began and was greeted by a note on his door saying, “Go to San Francisco and protest the Iraq War.”  I’m sorry but I’m not paying for my son to drive to the city and become a protester.  Not going to happen.  So I called the school and complained about his teacher.  It was Santa Rosa Junior College.  This is where they are all indoctrinated these days, by left-wing nuts of a teacher.
  23. They know nothing about tax laws, reform, or cuts.  They’ve been brainwashed into thinking tax cuts are just for the big rich corporations. But corporations do the hiring.  If they pay too much in taxes, they can’t afford to hire new employees or interns.
  24. They thrive on being seen by the media and vice versa.  One wouldn’t be without the other.
  25. They love repeating chants containing words like fascist, racist, shame, white supremacist along with the ef word.
  26. They have a war on conservative free speech, and the second amendment.
  27. They can’t spell.
  28. They believe whatever Hollywood tells them or shows them in a movie like it is gospel.

I think I described them to a T.  If they don’t like their description, then they should stop protesting and get a life.  With all the jobs out there, why not apply for one?

I hate to see folks wasting time in the streets holding signs, although I respected the Tea Party movement for their opposition to Obamacare and they were never violent or destructive.  I really hated the women’s march the day after Trump won. That was repulsive to me. How they collectively supported a dishonest, corrupt, crooked individual just because she was female, sort of made me sick. I hope they have rethought their decision to go to that march now that they have seen the writing on the wall which they refuse to read.  If they want a woman to be president, why not give us a candidate who has actually accomplished something in her life and did it honestly not by marriage, sympathy, or bribery.

I thank God every day that Trump won instead as we are BetteroffwithTrump.



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