James Comey Was In Contact With Julian Assange’s Lawyer Then Suddenly Tells His Team To Stand Down????


I heard this last night and wondered will shocking stories like this ever cease?”  Hillary was so upset about Wikileaks but no one was investigating.  It was unseemly.  But they did investigate and kept it quiet, and they didn’t like what they found.  WHY?  Here’s possible reasons why:  The Wikileaks emails from Podesta weren’t hacked by Russia or any other country. So what are the choices?  Must have been an inside job.  Seth Rich who worked with Bernie, maybe?  That would be terrible news to let us know about because he was murdered execution style in the street in a safe neighborhood.

Who is the FBI covering for?  I thought when Trump appointed Chris Wray things would change.  He was supposed to drain the swamp at the FBI and expose what they were doing.  But so far, he’s pretty closed-mouthed and protective of the FBI.  I think the FBI is a culture of corruption from the top down.  Who’s got something on Chris Wray?  It seems all these higher up government officials all are scared.  Who’s threatening them?  They go into a new position ready to make a change and suddenly turn mute, like Sessions.  It’s an epidemic. And we know from Maxine Waters that the left is not opposed to threatening tactics.  If they do that in public, what will they try in private, I wonder?

With this news that Wikileaks was possibly an inside job, the Mueller investigation goes away altogether and Trump is no longer the subject of their investigation. PERIOD. But then the left will look like fools, exposed for what they really are: corrupt and crooked.

The FBI can’t have that.  So Comey buries the true story of Podesta’s Wikileaks and tells his team to stand down.   Eerily similar to when Obama told Benghazi rescuers to stand down to cover up a story of a terror attack on the ten-year anniversary of 9-11.  Is all this coming from the Resist movement headed by Obama and Hillary?  But now it is coming out what the FBI did.  Stay tuned.  This could be BIG.

The truth will always prevail.  Sometimes it just takes a while.  We are so BetteroffwithTrump.

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