Maxine Waters Is Inciting Violence on Trump’s Administration! Outrageous! Impeach Her!

I pity the Democrats who are acting like this.  The activist refusing to serve a meal at the Little Red Hen to Sarah Sanders.  That store owner’s action should be considered reverse racism or discrimination. Why?  Because if Sarah was black, it would be racist to kick her out of the restaurant like what happened at one Starbuck’s coffee shop.  File a lawsuit, Sarah.  Make a statement that will stop these store owners from trying this again.

All this hatred coming from the left is only making them look bad.  Trump’s ratings go up every time a celebrity opens his mouth.  Maybe they should just “shut up and act.” Krauthammer once said “The Conservatives think liberals are stupid and Liberals thinks Conservatives are evil.”  I think this kind of thinking by Krauthammer is 100% wrong.  He was a nice man but wasn’t always correct.  He even voted for Obama once as I recall him saying.  So he got that wrong.

The way the left thinks about us, I wouldn’t like myself.  But I know differently.  I’m kind, honest to a fault, generous, forgiving to a fault, loving, considerate, and loyal.  That is 100% opposite of evil. Liberals need to take another look at conservatives and reconsider their opinion of us.  When they do, maybe we won’t think they are stupid.  Right now they are all acting stupid.

And conservatives aren’t evil or racist.  Here’s what evil looks like: a crazed Bernie volunteer who takes a rifle and shoots at Republicans in Congress playing on a baseball field.  That’s evil.  A crazed comedian who makes a mock-up of the president’s head decapitated and posts it on U-tube. That’s evil.  And a crazed congresswoman who tells people to attack Trump supporters, jump out of your car, surround them, push back, make a scene.  That’s evil.  And two FBI agents conspiring to stop the results of the election of our President.  That’s evil.

I know the left is getting more and more desperate the closer we get to the next election.  They want to take over the House and Senate.  But the more they protest and lie about us, the more Trump’s ratings go up. I get disgusted whenever I turn on the news lately.  The first word I hear is immigration.  Boring!  Let’s move on.  Trump has done all he can do without Congress passing some laws.  The left is a Chaos Party like JEB thought Trump would be.  Trump isn’t chaos.  The left is.  JEB got that wrong, big time.

So, Maxine, Seth, Punchy, Griffin, Flake, Kasich, Madonna, Kimmel, Baldwin, Colbert, Streep, Joy, Whoopi, Lawrence, Depp, Judd, and both Fondas are all on my sh–t list. Can’t stand to listen or look at them.  The list is growing.  If they all truly apologize publicly and recant what they said or did, I can remove them from the list and maybe watch their movies again.  But they won’t. Soon they will all realize that we are BetteroffwithTrump as President.




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