Trump Wants to be Called Elite? Seriously?

During Trump’s rally in Duluth, Minnesota he complained that the media is always calling his opponents the elite or elitists.  He said he’s got a nicer place than they do, smarter, more successful, etc. But the word elite has taken on a new meaning.  It used to mean you are the best, or richest, or creme de la creme, or upper class.  Elite now means one is out of touch with the rest of the country. 

We call Hillary supporters elitists because they live in the west or east coast or Hollywood or DC bubble and think they are above everyone else.  They think the rest of the U.S. is deplorable and clinging to our guns and religion and are stupid. They are elite, smug, arrogant, snobby, and have their noses in the air because they can’t stand the smell of Trump supporters shopping in Walmart.  They think we eat bad, are out of shape, uninformed and uneducated.  Quite the opposite is true.  An example of one of these elitists in on the show Housewives of New York.  She was a big supporter of Hillary and calls the Trump supporters uninformed as she used to be a journalist.  She lives in a bubble and is condescending to anyone who doesn’t think like her even her co-stars who she dismisses as beneath her.  She’s so arrogant, it’s hard to watch. Keep wearing your sweater wishing for a new president for Christmas.  Good luck with that.

It’s hilarious how the left can be so wrong about an election yet still act like they were in the right.  History will prove us right.  Even after it has come out in the IG Report how dishonest, deceptive, and corrupt Hillary was. How can they support someone who was so corrupt?  An apology from all these Trump haters should be coming soon.  But I won’t hold my breath.

So don’t wish to be called elite, Mr. President.  You may not like being put in that select group.  Let the left have that title.  Let Seth Rogan embarrass himself by being an elite, pompous, self-centered, uninformed as-hole who puts his politics above kindness.  Elite doesn’t mean they are richer, better, smarter, healthier, or more successful.  It just means they think they are.  You are above that.  You care about every man not just the rich.  Keep it that way.  Once you get thrown into the elite group, you’ll lose your allure and appeal and voters.

Let the left keep doing what they are doing–looking like fools protesting ICE workers–and the Republicans will continue to win elections.  We the People are on to them and the truth will prevail.  It always does eventually.  Just watch Peter Strzok next week tap dance in front of Congress.  Can’t wait.  Bring the popcorn.


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