What Difference Does It Make What Melania’s Jacket Means?

Melania Trump has endured a month of horrible incoming from the media from rumors of her being beaten by her husband, to living outside the White House, to not caring about children, and to having plastic surgery.

When that wasn’t enough, they went after her young son.  Fonda asked people to kidnap her son and put him in a cage with illegals.  Fonda should be arrested and would be if he said that about Obama’s or Bush’s girls.

The left is supposed to be the champion of all women yet they relentlessly go after Ivanka and Melania.  They are so jealous of these two Trump women being so beautiful yet successful as that is not the formula for successful women in their eyes.  Successful women have to be masculine, frumpy, and gruff (Hillary)–not sweet, feminine and cool like Melania. They have to have attended Harvard and scratched their way up the ladder to become successful–sometimes even marrying a governor, enduring infidelity, dodging sniper fire, and getting turned down when they wanted to join the Marines!  Haha.

I’m glad Melania is staying strong like a true conservative woman does.  We stand up for ourselves and don’t let the left bully us.   We can dish it out too, when needed.  I tell them to “shut the ef up” when appropriate. Trouble is, they just can’t take it and have no sense of humor at all.

Keep it up Melania.  You don’t have to explain a thing to these vultures.  Just do what you’re doing and ignore the left.  But seriously, Fonda needs to investigated by the CIA.  Use your power to get that done.  We have to stop Hollywood from making threats on the White House and everyone in it.  This has never been done to previous administrations.

And what happened to Russia Collusion?  Did it get replaced by immigration?  Interesting how the media works. If one fake controversy dies, start a new fake one–even something that was done during the previous administration and you didn’t care.

Regarding Melania’s jacket?  I really don’t care.  Do U?


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