What Is The Real Reason The Dems Want Open Borders? And It’s Not Compassion.

I thought about the obvious reason which is increasing the population and hopefully registering them Democrat.  But that takes time for these illegals to get to vote and states passing laws allowing them to vote or just not checking whether they are legal or not. Democrats are desperate and need a quick fix or they will lose again.

So what is the real reason?  Could it be that the Democrats are hoping the crime rate will go up (which it is in Sonoma County from illegals) so that they can run on a jump in crime, homeless, unemployment, and welfare and blame it on Trump?  After all Trump is trying to stop crime by enforcing the laws at the border that were enacted by previous presidents in order to deter immigrants from trying to cross illegally.  So the opposite must be true by the Democrats.  Jump in crime, unemployment, homeless, food stamps and welfare = a win in November.  Right now unemployment and food stamps is the lowest in decades.  North Korea is a success and the economy is booming but the media is burying the story. They also buried the IG Report which proves the FBI under Obama targeted to take down Trump all the while finding Hillary innocent.  They have no good message to run on.

They’ve tried everything else to bring down Trump from Russia collusion to Stormy to threat of nuclear war and it didn’t stick.  So they all got together and are doubling down on the feigned outrage of children being separated from their parents (or smugglers) so that Trump will sign an executive order to allow open border for all of these illegals to flood our cities which will undoubtedly increase crime, unemployment, welfare, homeless, drug busts, DUI’s, armed robberies, and home invasions.  Then the same outraged Democrats will feign outrage in the jump in the aforementioned which they will attribute to the Trump administration and then the low information voters will walk like zombies to the polls to vote Republicans out, thinking they are the cause of a culture of corruption.  Can’t voters realize the unintended consequences of open borders?

Democrats will ruin their cities at all costs in order to win an election.  We saw it during Hillary’s campaign.  They pulled all the illegal stunts they could from fake violence at rallies to fixing a campaign and weaponizing the FBI and are now facing the music.  But it took a while to get exposed; and they figure if it almost worked before, why not keep trying?  It’s their last resort.  Flood the cities with illegals in the name of compassion and caring and then when the crime rate spikes, unemployment goes up, homeless increase, and welfare goes up–blame it on Trump whose main goal was to make America great, again.  Perfect plan for the sick Democratic party.

I can’t stand watching the fake outrage by the left and Hollywood.  Peter Fonda is still alive?  Shocking.   They need to stop.  We are on to them.  We know they’ll do anything to win an election.  That’s been proven in the IG Report.  They are exposed and don’t care any longer.  I suspect most of the protesters are being recruited and funded by George Soros as another form of Resist the president.  All this is just a smokescreen to cover up the good news on Trump.

Vote the bums out and drain the rest of the swamp.


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