Jim Jordan Is The New Target Of The Left

Congressman Jim Jordan, right after he skillfully prosecuted Rosenstein during the hearing and Strzok in a private meeting, is the new target of the left as he is a candidate for Speaker of House.  The law firm that came up with the salacious dossier is now coming up with a sexual abuse allegations against a doctor at Ohio State that they claim Jim Jordan was well aware of.  CNN is pushing this story.  Shocker.

If past is prologue, they are lying.  This is what the left does.  Nothing is sticking on Trump so they go after his biggest supporters and defenders.  Hillary is behind this no doubt in my mind, as well as Obama.  And low IQ Maxine. This is part of their insurance plan.  The plan that hasn’t paid off yet.  They are hoping the public will believe this and come out to vote against Republicans so Jim can’t become speaker.  They are so worried about November that they are grabbing at straws.  Probably holding meetings in Obama’s house and coming up with this fiction like they did after Benghazi terror attack.  “We have to change this story so it fits our narrative that we are winning the war on terror.”

Strzok was supposed to come in voluntarily and testify then suddenly refuses.  He’s in trouble and he knows it. Something is up.  Stay tuned.  Jim Jordan won’t cave in.  He’s a fighter like Trump.  Stand up for yourself and just realize the conspiracy is bigger than we all know and is funded by Soros and Brennan and Clapper and others and won’t stop until the swamp is drained down to the mucky soil and they are behind bars. They are all scared of being indicted themselves and want one of their biggest threats taken out.  Stand your ground Jim and don’t let the likes of the dirty swamp tarnish your record.

They will stop at nothing.  This story has all the traits of Stormy Daniels and the hookers in Russia.  They want voters to think Republicans are immoral.  It is pure deflecting what they do onto the Republicans.  How much they pay these victims to lie to the media, no one knows.  But if they are Democrats probably not that much.  They do crap for free to advance their agenda which is to Stop Trump and everyone who supports him.

Get out the Jiffy Pop. This could get ugly along with Trump’s pick for Supreme Court Judge. The left is unraveling at the seams.

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