Hillary’s Gathering A Team For Another Run! What?

Does Hillary think she is the last best thing in the Democrat Party?  Is she so desperate for attention that she has to get her face out there, yet again?  I thought she would just fade into the sunset or maybe check into  a Place for Mom.  What kind of ego must this woman have to think she has a smidgen of chance of winning a third time around?

When I hear she has started a new fundraising campaign called Forward Together or some variation of I’m With Her it makes me cringe.  All I can picture is those vile women in pink knit hats that looked so pathetic the day after Trump’s inauguration in D.C. She really thinks she is above the law and that the American public is just plain stupid enough to vote for her again. Maybe some Never Trumpers are stupid enough and the Resist movement is brainwashed and Hollywood is jealous enough and the MSM is bought and in bed with her as well as BLM and all the illegals swarming over the border but is that enough to win?  Seriously? You would think she’d want the votes of hard-working, middle class folks or the super elites (Trump’s name for successful conservatives), but I guess not.  She never appealed to them before and won’t the third time around.  We saw through her lies.

Her smugness during all three presidential debates was enough to send me running for the hills.  Her lies during all three debates about Trump inciting violence and disrespecting women was so hypocritical.  Her lies about her emails being deleted were over the top.  Her pat answer was , “Well none of what he just said is true.” Her lies about Wikileaks blaming them on Trump was despicable.  Her lies about Russian collusion were just deflection for what she was up to along with Comey, Strzok, and Page. Lies, lies, and more lies.  That’s what she’s all about.

Next we will be hearing that she is hinting to abolish the Electoral College so all she has to do is win New York and California and she’ll win the presidency.  That’s her goal.  She’s trying to cheat her way to the top by hook or by crook.  The glass ceiling is waiting for her to break but the ceiling doesn’t want her. If the Dems ever get the majority in congress again they will try take out the Electoral College to help their hero Hillary.  They will vote for open borders and vote to impeach Trump for no reason other than pure hate or jealousy evidenced by their reaction to Trump’s pick for Supreme Court yesterday.  They had signs written up in advance of whomever he chose. It’s hate motivated and will not stop.  They all have TDS-Trump Derangement Syndrome. Nothing Trump does is good enough in their eyes.

Get out and vote this November for an all-Republican ticket to protect our Constitution, Congress, Country, and Supreme Court from the influences of Hillary, Comey, Maxine, Strzok, Biden, Bernie, Schumer, Pelosi, Gillibrand, and that new socialist girl.




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