It gives new meaning to wining and dining.  The more Trump succeeds in getting his MAGA fulfilled, the more the left whines.  Congratulations Judge Kavanaugh.  The left is turning inside out feigning outrage with their lies from females dying, gays losing rights, gun laws abolished, it’s the end of the world as we know it, to Trump pardoning himself.  All fake predictions from the fake stream media to scare their base to the voting booth this November.  Nice try though.

Remember what Obama so smugly said, “Elections have consequences.”  Ironically that was probably the only truth Obama ever said.  (He’d probably not repeat that today.)

Remember when his wife so proudly said, “When they go low, we go high.” and “For the first time in my life, I am proud of my country.”  She and the left couldn’t go a any lower with their comments lately and I doubt if she’d repeat the “proud of her country” remark.

The more the Resist sends these crazy protesters to the streets to protest Kavanaugh and ICE, the higher Trump’s ratings go.  In fact, Trump’s polls are higher at this point in his presidency than Obama’s were.  You won’t hear that on fake stream media. I think even the Bushs will be coming out in favor of Trump since he picked a Bush judge.

So Joy Behar, Morning Joe, Gillibrand, Bernie, Kamala, Pocohantus, Rob Reiner, et al, you all sound like you have contracted Maxine’s low IQ syndrome.  Your overheated rhetoric  about the most qualified and deserving pick for the Supreme Court is gross and will come back to bite you in the voting booth or your tv ratings.

You may not like the fact that Trump has been successful his first year, Mueller probe notwithstanding, but don’t take it out on a respectable judge with a nice family and stellar experience.  He doesn’t deserve it.  Hasn’t anyone on the left heard of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you?”  They practice the opposite.

And Lisa Page, the coward, who was so brazen in her texts, is now running scared.  Who got to her? Someone who thinks elections have consequences?  Hmmm.  She ain’t so tough without her loverboy. Get out the Jiffy Pop for tomorrow’s Strzok public hearing, under oath this time.  Should be fascinating.

And Hillary Clinton, will you ever stop?  You are all up in arms now about Trump’s pick for Supreme Court as you wanted to be the one picking the next two.  Well, maybe the final debate you shouldn’t have said you approve late term abortions.  Deal stopper!  Get over yourself.  We the People don’t want you to be president, ever.  You cause chaos and divide the country.

Last question of the day:  Why is Manafort in jail for something on his taxes from 2005?  I always heard that the statue of limitation for tax crimes can only go back seven years that would bring it to 2011.  Mueller is stretching it for Manafort, it would seem.  That’s right, the FBI only favors Hillary and all her cohorts who received immunity like candy on Halloween. The deep state is alive and well and deeper than we thought, it would seem.  Drain the Swamp, Trump.



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