I was waiting to see the demeanor and body language of Peter Strzok more than his answers.  I always thought he was a lawyer but he doesn’t even have that knowledge of law, ethics, or taken an oath that lawyers take.  Based on his facial expressions from snarly, smirky, smug, snarky, teethy, arrogant, disrespectful, hate-filled, and defiant, it looks like he came directly from central casting from the sequel of the movie The Omen.  He was cast as a grown up Damien who infiltrates the government in order to change the results of a U.S. Presidential election in favor of Hillary a crooked individual which was in bed with the devil. Definitely a skilled liar based on lying to his wife for years. Whenever he smiled during an answer or snarled, he was lying.

Now, of course, I’m being facetious but the guy told lie after lie and one which is a known lie was when Ms. Jackson Lee asked him if Trump asked the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails and he agreed with her statement which perpetuates a big lie by Hillary during one of the presidential debates.  Hillary used a tongue in cheek comment by Trump to turn into a blatant request for Russia to hack her emails. Obviously, Strzok bought into the Democratic lies throughout the election and ruled on cases based on his opinions. One Democrat wants to award Strzok with a Purple Heart!  He should resign today after that stupid comment.

Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan were the heroes during the hearing as well as the chairman.  The Chairman was swatting down Democratic objections like flies.  The Democrats on the committee were clapping after Strzok got on his soap box.  All the Democrats did was smokescreen the whole hearing from children at border, NATO, Russia collusion., FOX news, Germany, building up his past career, sexual harassment charges, and totally went off the rails for the reason of the meeting.  The fact that they are kissing this rogue FBI agent’s butt is the real outrage. It just shows that the left is running scared that Trump is winning at everything he does, especially foreign affairs.

Strozk said his vulgar biased texts were hyperbole and flippant.  Yet Trump’s tongue in cheek was a call for Russia to hack Hillary’s emails.  I ain’t buying it.  Strzok can joke with his mistress but Trump can’t tease Hillary at a rally?  I call B.S.   Strzok went onto do some political grandstanding on NATO which is none of the hell of his business especially during this hearing. Most of his rants were well planned out and practiced speeches which he planned on spilling to the audience. But his spiels backfired as it exposed him as a partisan political hack not a fair, unbiased FBI agent.

When will someone ask him who put him up to planning to STOP Trump from becoming president?  Who were he and Page working for or did they try to pull this off on their own.  If on their own, they’d risk losing their jobs totally, so obviously they were under someone’s command but didn’t want to say it over email or text.  Lucky for them, no one was listening in on their phone calls like they were doing to the Trump campaign.  Subpoena his private texts to Page, please.  If he texted this on work phones, what was he texting on private lines?  He said he never thought the texts would become public. That is code for he never thought Hillary would lose and they wouldn’t have become public if Hillary had won.

I notice Strzok went into a trace when the Democrats were spilling their venom on Trump which looked like he was taking a drug which he misses terribly.  He loves anti-Trump comments so much it runs through his veins like heroin.  To hear them repeated by some members of congress was like a melody to his ears, or a sweet-smelling fragrance to his senses, or a delicious dessert to his taste buds.  Of course I’m being silly but this FBI agent is so full of B.S. and double talk, it was hard to watch.  He’s not humble at all for his nasty comments or remorseful or regretful at all.  And got very indignant when one member called him out for lying to his wife.

Strzok learned from the best: Comey and McCabe.  His grandstanding and arrogance was so Comeyesque that I was waiting for him to say Lordie Be or mildly nauseous.  Also Strzok is politically uninformed as he knew nothing of what was said during a Romney debate with Obama and knew nothing about Obama’s comments to Putin on a hot mic.  Basically he’s either really dumb or lying.  Both of which are not qualities to be in the FBI.  Number One quality to be a FBI agent is Honesty.  I know more than him, apparently, yet he was criticizing Trump daily.  He’s what Rush calls a Low Information Voter.  How do we know Strzok’s emails with a mistress weren’t used by someone who found out in the Hillary camp like Brennan or Clapper to blackmail him into an exoneration of Hillary?  It makes for a good novel but this whole conspiracy from the beginning was almost too unbelievable to be published.

And lastly, the committee yes, you Luis Gutierrez Mr. Kremlin, Russia didn’t go to the polls and vote for Trump.  WE the People DID! There is NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION.  PERIOD. That was something Obama created (Insurance Plan) before he left office.  Stop undermining our election process and our votes.  It is insulting to the American people.  Yes, all the deplorables.  We are on to you Democrats.  You all lie to cover for your leader.

Bottom line:  The FBI is involved in the biggest cover up and conspiracy in my lifetime evidenced by Strzok taking the fifth essentially to protect someone higher than him and it’s not Trump.




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