When Did Trump First Fall From Grace With The Left?

After witnessing the most disgraceful orchestrated display from the Democrats yesterday in the Strzok hearing, I began to wonder.  When did this hate for Trump all begin?  The outbursts from all of the members of the committee referencing Trump’s Russian collusion and children at the borders and even sexual harassment was unseemly and off subject.  Just a smokescreen.

Now today looking at protesters in London protesting our American president with vulgar signage, it baffles me.  These foolish protesters know nothing of what he has accomplished for our country, yet they think they can protest our president?  We never do that to their leaders when they come to our country.  In fact, our country shows much respect to their Royal Family.

But when did this all start?  I thought back to my first memory of Trump.  I remember he was a respected high rise builder that had a few rocky marriages, a beauty pageant organizer, a New York playboy, golf course developer and host of tournaments, bestselling writer of The Art of the Deal, then more recently the revered host of Celebrity Apprentice.  Celebrities loved going on his show and NBC media loved and revered him.  Then his daughter Ivanka became the darling socialite of New York with her line of clothes and jewelry.  Trump was invited to Hollywood parties, weddings, cameos in movies, interviews on radio and television, political parties on both sides UNTIL he demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate.  That may have been his first mistake but he was actually helping out a friend of his, Hillary, who was running against Obama.  No good deed goes unpunished.  

Then he became the target of a joke at the White House Correspondence Dinner hosted by a very vindictive Obama that set Trump’s political wheels in motion.  He knew that Obama was taking the country in the wrong direction and he knew he was the only one that could set the ship upright again.  And when the Democrats realized that the Republicans actually had a candidate that could actually take back the control of the country, they freaked.  They broke all ties and friendships to Trump from NBC, Golf Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and yes even the Bushs.

The first example of his fall from grace was during the second Republican debate hosted by CNN when one moderator asked Trump if he was a cartoon character of a president.  It was so disrespectful of a question to a once successful businessman, I knew then that there was a consorted effort by the left  and establishment Republicans to Take Trump Out of the running.  He was their biggest threat.

And from that day on they have been trying from their attempt to rig our election, to the insurance plan, to wire tapping, to dossiers, to Russia collusion, to exonerating Hillary, to Mueller probe, to Resist, Black Lives Matter, Occupy everything, sexual allegations, raiding lawyers offices, filing lawsuits, fake news, assaulting his administration, and yesterday behaving like children during a serious hearing. All attempts to Take Trump Out of office.

England has high unemployment, terror, and lots of immigrants taking over so understandably the Resist movement probably orchestrated these vulgar losers over Facebook to come out to the streets to embarrass Trump.  Hannity interviewed them and they know nothing about what they’re protesting: racist, no war, -ussy grabbing, and climate change i.e. fake news. But their government is in turmoil right now so when all else fails, blame Trump.  Period.

I feel rest assured knowing that Trump has a bigger calling and has the help from The Man Upstairs and will continue to accomplish what he has set out to do, save America, despite all the dirty stunts the left will orchestrate.  We have to ignore them, like Gowdy did yesterday, and just let the Trump chips fall.


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