Open Message to Congressman Nadler and Senator Warner.

You are asking Trump and his allies to cease and desist calling the Mueller probe a “Witch hunt?”  Sorry that isn’t going to happen.  If anything, after Strzok’s testimony it is more a witch hunt now than before.  Let’s recap shall we?

Mueller was appointed essentially by Comey to investigate Trump for obstruction of justice–not to indict 12 Russians living in Russia that hacked the DNC during Obama’s term. Nothing to do with Trump.  And should have nothing to do with Mueller probe. Yet everyday we have to hear Russia Russia Russia.  It is a red herring.  And it’s old news as we heard of Gooseifer and DC-leaks during 2016 and Obama pooh-poohed it and the DNC wouldn’t turn their computers over to the FBI to investigate.  So too bad DNC.  What are you hiding?  Bad karma.

Here’s another red herring that I hear the left saying over and over.  “Trump asked the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails.”  Why this isn’t even possible is the fact that Hillary had already turned over her computer and deleted 30,000 emails and bleachbit the hard drive.  Would be impossible to tell anyone to hack her at that point.

What he was asking in jest, for the final time, was:  “If you already have her missing 30,000 deleted emails, turn them over to a reporter.”  It’s called a joke. That’s just asking them to turn in evidence of Hillary’s crime that the FBI was already investigating.  He was jokingly asking them to help the FBI. Obviously Russia wouldn’t turn them over even if they had them.

But, coincidentally, during the Strzok hearing testimony revealed that Hillary’s server was hacked by a foreign entity and every email she sent also went to this foreign entity.  But when Strzok was given this evidence during his investigation of Hillary, he never followed through as it would have been a crime and he was so biased he didn’t want to find any evidence of a crime.  Just like when he changed the wording from gross negligence to extremely careless in his large office on his computer that no one else had access to during a meeting of the minds that he can’t really recall.

He also wouldn’t say the names of the other two agents in the July 2nd interrogation of Hillary.  He’s covering for those two.  Was it McCabe and Brennen?  Was it Clapper?  Surely there must be a record of who interrogated her.  Also when Strzok got word that Weiner’s laptop had thousands of Hillary’s emails, he put it on the back burner to slow walk the investigation until after the election but it leaked out and he had to release the info three weeks later.  I call this dereliction of duty.

When is Peter Strzok going to be fired?  I don’t like taxpayer money going to an agent who has clearly broken the FBI rules of employment, one of them being committing infidelity and tarnishing the reputation of the FBI by conduct unbecoming of a FBI  agent.

Fire him already so we can save tax money. Any agent sending 600 texts a week on a government cell phone on government time is not earning his pay. He’s performing monkey-business.

Or has Strzok been promised a lifetime employment at the FBI by Obama in exchange for his silence and can’t be fired?  Is this why Chris Wray is not doing anything?  Chris Wray knows something. No doubt, Strzok is in charge of Human Resources with a litmus test that new hires are partisan political hacks like him and Comey.  Infiltration of swamp dwellers much like in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Scary thought. Fire them all, Trump.









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