The Fake Stream Media Is Lying About The U.S. Intelligence Agencies.

U.S. Intelligence Agencies were coming after Trump during and after his campaign and still are.  They are not “working for him” nor have they ever been working for him as the fake stream media claims.  They are still working for Obama judging by Brennan’s, Wolf’s, Corker’s, and all the Never- Trumpers’ harsh comments.

The fake stream media is all outraged that Trump wouldn’t agree 100 percent with the fact that 12 Russians hacked the DNC computers.  Trump is smarter than that because if past is prologue, Trump is right and the agencies are wrong.  Brennan is a known communist sympathizer.  No one should listen to that guy.  Trump wants to wait until real proof comes out not just the word of the I.A.  Show us the evidence. Don’t forget Hillary paid for the fake Steel Russian dossier.  No one seems to care about that. That’s the collusion no one wants to talk about.

Look at the Mueller probe.  Total witch hunt.  They set Trump up and are wasting taxpayer money at this point.  They are trying to save face by indicting 12 anonymous Russians.  I don’t buy it especially when that weasel Rosenstein comes out the day after the Strzok embarrassment and day before Trump’s Russia meeting.  Very suspect.  When will Sessions fire him already?  I don’t trust that guy.  His hands are dirty on the fake dossier as he signed the FISA warrant.

Trump is trying to give Russia the benefit of the doubt because Trump certainly has been suspicious of all the intelligence coming out from the U.S. agencies, especially from the FBI.  Can anyone blame him?  They’re out to take him out by any means possible, even implicating Russia and potentially starting wars. I don’t believe any of their reports evidenced by Rosensteins’ last one that omitted the fact that Russia was trying to hack both campaigns.  He made it sound like they just tried the DNC.  Tried doesn’t mean successful.

These so-called “Intelligence” agencies have not even looked at evidence of Hillary’s server, DNC server, or her missing emails.  They went to interview Julian Assange and were told to “stand down” once they found out that he got his hacked emails from another source other than Russia.  Same thing happened in Benghazi, our soldiers were told to “stand down.” In fact, the FBI destroyed cell phones and laptops  in hopes the truth would never come out what they are complicit in–a conspiracy to take Trump out.  Same thing happened when our Sailors were taken captive from their own ship by Iran.  Sailors were told to “stand down” and not fight the capture.  Some one out there is in the habit of saying “Stand down” if it doesn’t fit the narrative. Must be the Puppet Master.

And a reminder to Wolf Blitz from CNN, Obama went around the world criticizing our whole country rather than just the I.A.’s.  That is a disgrace.  A few bad apples in our I.A.s being called out is not as bad as denigrating our whole country and its history. They never complained when Obama did that.  He just played into the hands of the European narrative that “U.S. is bad, Europe is good.”  Maybe Obama should move to Paris or England, he likes them better and visa versa.

And for the Republican members of congress who were outraged by Trump’s non admission to Russia interference ask yourself why isn’t the DOJ turning over the FISA application you have requested?  Why is Mueller slow walking the collusion investigation?  Why haven’t you done anything about it yet?  Why are you causing our country turmoil by not following through with your threats?  Trump is probably just as frustrated with your non-action and it is just coming out in his press conferences. I find it curious that whenever Trump does a presser, the left, the Never Trumpers, and fake news all jump on one comment and blow it out of proportion and basically bury the rest of the good news coming out of the summit. Shame on all of you.

I’m on Trump’s side 100 percent and would have said something similar after being asked if Putin was holding something over Trump.  He stands up for himself unlike Bush used to do, and I admire that. Trump cares more about our country than he does being “liked” by the fake stream media.  That’s a quality we haven’t seen in years. The Man Upstairs is watching over Trump and the truth will prevail.


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