Obama Slams Our Sitting President While Overseas and That’s Not Considered UnAmerican?

Obama makes fun of our president and his policies warning folks that the sky is falling while overseas.  That is unAmerican for a former president to trash the sitting one.  But it is a consorted effort by all of the left to attack Trump whenever possible because it is all they have left.

Trump’s overseas trip was, for all intents and purposes, a success.  But the media will bury that story and instead go after some off the cuff comments he made about their hero Hillary.  Hillary committed all the election crimes and Trump won the presidency fair and square.  He’s not going to let the media take that away from him with this phony nonstop Russian collusion nonsense. If he agrees that Russia had an effect on our election process he is essentially admitting he didn’t win fair and square.  And he did.

The fact that Trump and his team are not involved in any election shenanigans is the real story and the Mueller probe folks are running scared.  They’ve got nothing to pin on Trump.  Zero. Nadda.  Zilch and they know it.  Time to bring out the heavy hitters and go after Trump for something he has done now, not during the campaign.

So from now on, every time Trump talks, there will be outrage from the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Hillary, Biden, Brennan, the deep state, Obama, the Never Trumpers, and the fake stream media.  It is guaranteed that no matter what he or his family does from now on, there will be an uproar by the left.  If he found a cure for cancer, they’d say he stole it.

They want to win in November and they’re worried that they won’t with all this Strzok testimony and Page’s honesty saying their texts meant exactly what they said,  “We can stop it” (Trump’s presidency).  That is proof alone that there is a Deep State (shadow government) trying to bring down a presidency and have him impeached. The noose is tightening around their necks causing them to choke.

They all go to bed every night praying that some news on Trump will break that actually is an impeachable offense. They are all:

                                          “Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’,

                                       Plannin’ and dreamin’ each night of Trump’s reign.

                                               That won’t throw him off of his game.

                                          So if you’re lookin’ how to end Trump’s car..eer.

                                   All you gotta do is scold him, and diss him, and loath him,

                                                       Then take a look at yourself

                                                                   in the mirror.”   :<(





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