James Comey (The So-Called “Republican”) Tells Americans To Vote Democrat.

This is proof positive for all the Dems (who’ve been claiming that Comey was a neutral Republican when Trump fired him) that Comey went rogue and left his party.  Plus his whole family was Democrat.  Poor Comey who’s always been a staunch Republican gets fired by Trump.  Why?  And McCabe is registered Republican too. But McCabe’s wife took donations from Hillary and ran for office as a Democrat.

Listen folks, it’s time you realize that the Deep State doesn’t care what party you are registered with.  Colin Powell used to be a Republican too.  The Deep State has gone rogue and radical.  They are above the law as long as they are breaking the law for the better good.  Someone has gotten to them and they secretly left their party but felt it to their advantage to advance their radical beliefs by remaining in sheep’s clothing.  Sort of like an undercover operation. Tell them you’re Republican, then take them down, one by one.  A Trojan horse.

Comey is a traitor to the Republican Party but has all the traits of a Democrat so we don’t need him.  He’s a known liar and cover up artist. He rigged Hillary’s investigation by exonerating her prior to any interviews including hers.  He didn’t tape her interview nor even go to it. And no court reporter was in attendance.  Dereliction of duty.  He wanted her to win and he would do anything at all costs, even at the risk of losing his job if Trump won.  If Trump stays in office, Comey has legal problems and he knows it. This is why he wants America to vote Democrat.  It is only a selfish, self-centered reason to cover his as-.  Shame on you Comey.

The recent attacks on Trump are all orchestrated feigned outrage by the Deep State.  Next week it will be something else, no doubt.  They are jealous that Trump is being so successful with everything he touches so they have to invent chaos.  Like JEB once said, “Trump will be a chaos president.” He knew because “they” would cause it.  We don’t hear from JEB very much any more do we?  Wonder what he’s up to?  He’s probably joined the likes of Hillary and they all get together with their next attempt at planning chaos on Trump.

Trump is working so hard to make America better but he gets little recognition from these ungrateful misfits like Brennan, Comey, and Schumer.  My advice to FOX news and even Trump and his staff is to IGNORE THE LEFT’s next outrage.  The more Trump defends himself, the more it gets in the news and brainwashes our poor youth.  They hold up signs protesting and calling Trump a fascist and they don’t know why.  The left is crying wolf too much lately and the more they do, the higher Trump goes in the polls.  It will eventually backfire on them.  A week ago it was Abolish Ice, this week it is Treason, before that it was Evil Kavanaugh, and before that Stormy.   They are losing it.

Rubio is wrong.  Putin didn’t put Trump’s presidency into controversy.  The FBI did.  Mueller probe should never have been started but with the phony dossier paid by Hillary and the FISA signed by Rosenstein, it was all a set up (insurance plan) to take out the president. Who set up the plan?  Strzok and Page who worked for Comey and McCabe who took their orders from Obama.  All the meddling into the weak DNC server was done under Obama’s watch, and he dismissed it as foolishness.  So now the media wants to blame it on Trump, like Trump was behind it all.  The truth will prevail and will come out soon.

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