Description of Current Politicians and Government Officials in Few Words

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out all the political players or government officials and what side they’re on or even what they stand for. One day they seem like Trump supporters then will turn on a dime.  I decided to break down the ones in the news lately into few word descriptions in no particular order, for my own edification.  I know my kids are confused as they see fake stream media everyday on the internet and wonder who’s telling the truth.

Politician                    Few Word Description

Donald Trump      =        Civic leader

Jim Jordan             =         Justice fighter

Trey Gowdy          =         Justice prosecutor

Hillary                   =         Scandalous poor loser

Rosenstein            =         Deep State member

Brennan                        Leader of Deep State (shadow government)

Clapper                  =         Co-leader of Deep State

Lois Lerner etal   =         Drones of the Deep State

Strzok                     =         Politically biased agent

Page                        =         Home-wrecking Hillary-lover

Obama                   =          Puppet Master

Alexandria O-C    =          Uninformed Socialist candidate

Bernie                    =          Loud mouthed aging Socialist

Warren                  =          Race Impersonator

JEB                          =         Never-Trumper (will never say one positive comment on Trump)

Kasich                    =          Never-Trumper

Romney                 =          Disgruntled Sometimes-Trumper

Ryan                       =          Sometimes-Trumper

McCain                   =          Disgruntled RINO (Republican in name only)

Pelosi                      =          Aging power-seeker

Maxine                   =         Corrupt Congresswoman

Comey                    =          Delusions of grandeur

McCabe                 =           Drone of the Deep State

Nadler et al          =           Truth obstructionists and deniers

Sessions                =           Stealth

Rand Paul             =           Civil liberties fighter

Ted Cruz               =           Constitutional lawyer

Nunes                   =            Relentless justice seeker

Chris Wray          =            FBI Reputation protector

Susan Rice           =            Lying coverup artist

Samantha P.         =            Co-coverup artist

Loretta Lynch      =           Tarmac tarnished

Joe Biden              =           Obama’s yes-man.

Weiner’s wife      =           Hillary’s yes-woman

Valerie Jarred      =           Resist originator

Eric Holder          =           Anti-Second Amendment leader

Mike Pence          =           Conservative Veep

Jerry Brown         =          Sanctuary state originator

Jeff Flake              =          Flake

Schumer               =          Leader of obstructionists

Sarah Sanders     =          Human missile interceptor

Mueller                 =          Leader of the Witch Hunt

Adam Schiff         =           Leader of the obstructionists

Pompeo                =           Seeker of world peace


I Think My Dog’s a Democrat Listen to this cute song.








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