Whoopi Goldberg Needs to be Fired from The View

The View is just a bunch of complaining libs that out shout conservative women.  Whoopi swore at Judge Jeanine,  “F you F you F you and get the F out of our building!” after she left the studio.

Jeanine was an invited guest and Whoopi wouldn’t let her talk.  Whoopi asks her a question and when Jeanine started to talk she shouted her down and finally said, “Get out!.”  More proof that the left is threatened by smart, good-looking, conservative women.  Conservative women are to the left like kryptonite is to Superman or the cross is to Dracula or the silver bullet is to a werewolf.  Although these are all fictitious characters, the left is becoming something more suitable to a horror film by they way they behave–simply frightening.

Whoopi is a modern day example of a liberal feminist but what a poor one.  Shame on you Whoopi.  You’ve been added to my celebrity sh-t list.  But since I’ve never watched the show, no loss for me.  It’s a waste of brain cells watching those women complain.  Maybe they should get a volunteer job and do some good in the world.  Work in a soup kitchen or deliver meals to victims of AIDs. They’ve joined the likes of the low IQ club along with Maxine, IMO.

In answer to Whoopi’s ignorant question that she wouldn’t let Jeanine answer:  “When did the Deep State start?”  The Deep State started when the FBI began a rigged investigation into Hillary for destroying material that was subpoenaed by congress and the dossier was compiled for an insurance plan in case Hillary lost.  All the players at the top had a meeting after the infamous tarmac meeting and became the Deep State from that day on.  “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”  It was like a roller coaster set in motion. Once you joined the ride, you couldn’t get off, like McCabe and others.  All thinking they are above the law as long as it’s for the greater good.

And Whoopi, FYI, Trump never incites violence, the left does. Talk about calling the kettle black.  Watch your show and see who looks violent with your arms swinging and you shouting.  They attack his administration, shoot at congressmen playing baseball, threaten his children, and threaten him.  Again the left tries to deflect what they do to us onto us.  Trump is the seeker of world peace and a civic leader.  The truth will always prevail.

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