Message to Morning Joe Schmo: We Want ISIS Abolished Not ICE

You recently wondered who Trump supporters are and how we can still support him.  I for one was a child when our country really had to worry about Russia dropping an atomic bomb on us. We had Air Raid Drills in school where sirens went off and we ducked under our desks.  A big word back then was Disarmament.  It was hard to say and even harder to understand. Another word was The Draft.  Teachers never spoke disparagingly about our presidents. They respected our leaders and feared other countries. We all stuck together.  Children these days don’t have to live with those fears.  They’ve got it easy yet they seem to be growing up angry, unappreciative of peace, and entitled judging by the occupy protesters.

Supporters of Trump appreciate traditional values and want peace and don’t want the left, like you Joe, to take it away from us.  We want to say “Merry Christmas, Columbus Day, and Cowboys and Indians.” We want to go into a public bathroom just for women and not find a man pulling up his zipper.  We want to put our sons in the Boy Scouts, not our daughters.  We don’t want teachers indoctrinating our children to hate our President no matter who he/she is. We want statues of our forefathers in town squares.  We want to walk the streets of San Francisco without stepping around human feces or dodging bullets from illegal aliens.  We don’t want to live in fear of a terror attack like 9-11.  We want a wall built at our border. We want ISIS abolished not ICE.

We don’t want the gender of a child to be changed from one sex to another at the whim of their parents. If every Tomboy was turned into a boy, I’d be a boy right now.  Thank God my parents accepted my Tomboy traits and let me become a woman. We want a savings account that pays interest over 2%. We want to get a dog that we can name its breed without feeling guilty for it not being “A Rescue.” We want to go to a bookstore and walk the aisles looking for a book not some Kindle on an I-pad.  We want to watch a football game and not have the players disrespecting their owner’s rules of employment.  We want people working for a living not getting a handout check sent to them by the government.  We don’t want the weather to be called Global Warming.  It was hotter when I was a child. We don’t want to see the American flag being burned.  We want people to put down their cell phones and engage in their surroundings especially their children. We don’t want to be politically correct.

We want to be able to put a political sign on our lawn or bumper without getting vandalized. We’d like the media to just give us the news and make it impartial and not bury stories they don’t like. We’d like Facebook to stop being so liberal that it won’t allow conservative views.  We’d like colleges to not stifle conservative speakers. We want colleges to have affordable tuitions and never be free. We want housing to be affordable and property and income taxes low. We want government out of our healthcare. We’d like politicians and government officials to not act like they are above the law.  And we want law enforcement and our constitution to be respected and upheld. We like our current president to be the negotiator and chief with all countries in order to achieve peace. Elections have consequences.

Although Trump may have a different approach than previous presidents, he doesn’t bribe them with 140 M, or give them back terrorists from Gitmo, or promise them things on a hot mic, or press a reset button.  Just let him do it his way without talk of treason and impeachment.  Meetings with world leaders are usually held behind closed doors and should stay that way.  Press conferences are usually friendly and should stay that way.  Fear of Russia isn’t our biggest problem right now.  Fear of Americans being divided by hate is. Stop contributing to the hate on your morning show.  Show respect for our president and all that he’s done already.  And I can’t believe you used to be Republican.  You’ve lost all Republican values, man.

So Joe Schmo, that’s who we are; at least, that’s who I am and why I feel we are BetteroffwithTrump, still.  As he is trying to bring traditional values back.

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