Freak of Nature. Goldfish Eats Snake. Things Aren’t Always What They Seem.

Yesterday morning when I was fed up with watching the crazy news and went in the yard to feed my pond fish in a 300 gallon pond, I discovered a disturbing sight.  It was inexplicable at first look and even after I looked for a while.  One of my goldfish (which are about four inches in length), had the head of a small snake in its mouth and they were both lying motionless on the edge of my pond.  I thought they were dead.  It appeared at first that the snake was eating my fish from the inside out. Yuck!

My first instinct was to save my fish so I poked it with my fish net.  They separated and the fish fell into the pond and swam away and the snake recoiled backwards into a hole next to the pond.  What the heck was that? I thought.

Was the snake eating my fish or vice versa?  So after taking a mental picture of the snake, I looked the species up on the internet.  It was a Northern Ribbon Snake (garter snake) that lives on the edge of ponds (Check), likes to eat pond creatures like frogs, insects, or small fish. Bingo.  And he’s a good swimmer.  Well, after I read that a different scenario came to mind.  My goldfish recently had babies so it was an older fish trying to protect its offspring by killing the snake by suffocation. The snake was probably about to die as it couldn’t breath inside the fish’s mouth and the fish would have died too as it was out of water; but when I touched them, the snake broke free.  The goldfish risked its life to kill a predator threatening the whole pond.  I marvel at how heroic this fish was trying to be before I got in the way.  Unfortunately, the threat of the snake still exists when he comes out at night to feed.

Moral of the story: Things aren’t always what they seem. 

Maybe life imitates nature sometimes like it imitates art.  With that thought in mind, maybe symbolically Trump is the goldfish risking his good life and reputation to protect his country (the pond) from the snake. The snake could figuratively be a number of things from the swamp, to ISIS, to Iran, to the rising deficit, to North Korea, to Putin or all of them.  Maybe the left should let Trump be the hero of our country without getting in the way.

I know it’s silly to compare Trump to my fearless goldfish; but with all that I hear in the fake news lately, it’s not any sillier in my opinion. I can barely turn on the news without seeing feigned protests, angry politicians making horrible comments, and the news media fanning the fire with their biased opinions.  I just wish they would all shut up and let the goldfish save our pond from the snake!

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