Look At Trump’s Feats, Not His Tweets.

Watch what he does, not what he says.  Proof’s in the pudding.  All of what Trump has been tweeting about from being wiretapped, to a witch hunt, to Obama being behind Hillary’s rigged investigation, to Hillary paying for the dossier, to Strzok lying under oath, to Brennan being a bad guy all eventually comes true.  It all comes out in the wash.  But if Hillary had won, none of this would have come out.

Now that Clapper has admitted that Obama (the puppet master) was behind the wiretapping of the Trump campaign and used a fake dossier (duh, we all knew that but were afraid to say it), it is just a matter of time before they all start singing like canaries.  They will all be running scared.  Forget who wins in November, they just want to stay out of jail.  Sessions needs to step it up and start indicting.  They are running like rats on a sinking ship.  But the fake stream media won’t report it.  They will cover for them till the cows come home as it will make them look complicit in their crimes–which they are.

Then after they start going to trial, the fake stream media will claim it is a sham and that Trump is controlling his DOJ.  They have called him every name in the book in order to get him impeached from day one.  They blame him for every bad thing that happens in the news like Charolettesville but they ignore the Republicans playing baseball getting picked off by a Bernie supporter.  They blame him for one guy striking a protester at a rally, but ignore the violent ones hired by Hillary at his rallies.  They blame Trump for arresting illegals at the border and separating their children, but Obama did the same thing and no one cared. They blame Trump for a friendly press conference with Putin but Obama was holding his hand and promising him things on camera. They have selective outrage that’s for sure.  But it’s all orchestrated and will soon die down.  They’ve got nothing left and are grabbing at straws.

Now that the rose is off the bloom, the curtain is pulled back, and the writing on the wall is clear, it is just a matter of weeks before before the real felons are indicted.  There are so many of them involved in this conspiracy to take Trump down, I can’t wait to see who they go after first: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Powers, Rosenstein, or will they start at the top, the queen bee?  Get out the Jiffy Pop, we’re in for a big show.


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