The Left’s Last Great Hope: Mueller

The left is hanging their proverbial hats on Mueller as their last great hope.  They tried Russia collusion, Stormy, Cohen tape, unhinged, treason, fake dossier, insurance plan, war mongering, Hitler, tariff wars, NBC hot mic, firing Comey, abolish ICE, and he’s not well and it all backfires on them.  Now they hope Mueller can find something, anything,  on Trump.

But if Mueller is going back to study Trump’s tweets during the election hoping there’s something there like influencing Comey; if he has to go back to that well again, he’s desperate.  Why doesn’t Mueller put up the white flag and surrender?  He’s done.  He’s got nothing to take Trump out.

Now today Trump tweets that Sessions should put an end to the probe now.  Everyone agrees but Sessions can’t as the left is counting on Mueller so badly that they’d go crazy if it ended without Trump being accused of a crime of some sort.  The crazies on the left would take to the streets with signs saying obstruction of justice and the sky is falling.  Boo hoooo!  Trump Derangement Syndrome would escalate to feverish levels.

Can the left imagine if we had done the same to Obama after he took office?  He wasn’t so squeaky clean especially when he ran against Romney.  The phony fax that Candy Crowley had in her hand saying Obama called Benghazi a terror attack on day one.  (Then he changed it to a protest of a video the next day.)  They were trying to sway the voters into thinking Romney was lying and so were our ears and eyes. The Republicans could have set up a special counsel to investigate Obama’s part in that set up question and answer from Candy Crowley.  Moderators aren’t suppose to take sides nor show evidence during a debate.  It was so obvious it was planned ahead but no one even investigated it.  Just like when Hillary had questions given to her before a debate against Bernie. And Obama was involved in ACORN’s getting people to the polls by bribing them to register and driving them to vote. And also placing Black Panthers at polling booths to suppress the vote.

These people cheat.  There’s no denying it now.  And they have a whole lot of people under them covering for them like drones.  It is the biggest conspiracy in my lifetime and needs to come to an end.  SOON! When Michelle Obama says “when they go low, we go high.”  It’s just code for: “when we go low, no one goes lower.”  And it’s true!  Swamp dwellers live in low places.

I had a personal experience with a TDS person just this week.  She should be nice to me but since she knows Trump’s winning, I counted six veiled unprovoked cuts to me personally during one short phone call.  When I got off I said, “What was that?  Did I really avoid six incoming missiles that came out of left field and not say a thing in return?”

This is what the conservatives have to live with daily when talking to libs.  It’s called “talking on eggshells.”  But maybe I should change it to “dodging sniper fire” like Hillary once claimed. The left is so unhappy that it comes out in many forms.  Beware.  You may be on the receiving end and not even know it.  Put on your bullet proof vests and hardhats.  These people on the left are vicious, mean, and vengeful.  They’ll take it out on any conservative they can find, even a loved one, with no remorse.  And they lie like rugs.  I’ve never heard so many blatant, provable lies coming out of their mouths lately. But they’ve learned from the best, their hero Hillary.

When you receive an unprovoked attack from anyone, it usually means they are unhappy and want to take it out on someone else.  It’s not our job to make them happy.  Happiness comes from within.  Something has drained them of happiness and commonsense and it’s called TDS.  Get some help.


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