Democrats Running On: “Anything You Can Do, We Can Do Better” Song From 1946 Musical

The Democrats have no new ideas other than socialism yet I see their posters saying “Better” on them, but they want to repeal everything Trump has accomplished.  This song from the musical  Annie, Get your Gun is ironic as they don’t believe in guns.  BUT they believe they can steal the lyrics of this song and win an election.  “Anything you can do, I can do better.” 

The Democrats want open borders, free college, repeal tax cuts, free healthcare, abolish ICE, impeach Trump. Period.  This will undoubtedly bankrupt America and make our country more unsafe to live in.  Only two decades ago my children rode their bikes safely to school from kindergarten on.  I rode my bike from kindergarten till high school at least two miles.  But neighborhoods were safer back then.  The only fear we had was: falling off our bikes or getting hit by a rogue mom driving her child to school.  No fears of kidnapping or random acts of violence which are getting increasingly prevalent these days. Parents can’t let their children ride their bikes to school any longer.  Too risky.  This actually increases cars on the road and air pollution which Democrats are always ballyhooing about.

When you allow illegals over the border to settle wherever they please, they don’t have our values and some have no respect for our citizens (MS-13).  We need to know who is coming into our country and why.  Legal immigration is the only way to find out.  Open borders is an open invitation for increase in crime and overpopulation.

So if the Democrats want to run on this line from an old song, I doubt it will work. They had their chance in the previous administration and everything was bad: high unemployment, no jobs, high taxes, phony healthcare, ISIS attacks, shovel unready jobs, stagnant economy.  What they really are running on is:  “Anything you have done, we will repeal.”

So ask yourself, “Why would the Democrats and Socialists want to ruin the country for future generations?”  It’s all about power.  They make money when they’re in power.  They do deals on the side, kick backs, pay to play, which make them millionaires by the time they leave office (Maxine Waters, Hillary).  Look at Rahm Emanuel.  He is ruining Chicago for the blacks as he allows illegals to come to his sanctuary city and defying all federal laws.

Cities and states with Democratic mayors and governors will have more crime as they don’t enforce the laws. Look at California.  It is burning up.  Some of the fires are started by arson despite what Jerry Brown says.  Jerry is trying to use the fires as evidence of global warming.  Nice try Jerry. But an illegal set thirteen fires in Santa Rosa along a hiking trail.  That’s not global warming Jerry, that’s arson.  Most of the fires have been started by careless campfires, cigarettes, autos backfiring, or sparks from machinery–that’s not global warming–that’s over population and urban sprawl, possibly.  Too many people, too little places to go.  Keep those borders open Jerry and see how this will turn out. Can, and will, only get worse.

Vote Republican all the way down the ticket or our country will be in trouble.  Let’s not let the Democrats/socialists take back everything that has been accomplished thus far.  Trump is not done. He has much more to do.  Let Trump be Trump and get this businessman to finish his job:  building back America. Building the wall. Voter ID. Affordable healthcare. Affordable college. Draining the swamp. Law enforcement. Abolishing ISIS not ICE.


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