The Democrat’s “Blue Wave” is Looking More Like a White Squall (a Rare Wave Which Has No Warning)

Yesterday’s election results prove that there will probably be no blue wave this November despite what the fake stream media pundits are saying.  There is no indication by the votes that Democrats are going to win by getting disenfranchised Republicans and soccer moms to vote for them.  Candidates that were endorsed by Trump (the big bad wolf) won big league or had close races but came out ahead. Admit it media peeps, voters still love Trump.

Governor Kasich, who is trying to undermine Trump’s presidency, has been badmouthing Trump since he won. It’s almost as though Kasich thinks he can take over the presidency from Trump in 2020 after all Trump’s accomplishments so he can take credit for them.  He’s always giving himself credit for everything.  “I was responsible for the economy during the Clinton Administration.”  Whatever Kasich.

Ironically, during the debates Kasich always took the high road saying he didn’t want to insult the other candidates, yet this is all he’s been doing to Trump since losing.  He also didn’t vote for Trump and broke his promise to Bret Baier during the first and other debates that he’d vote for the Republican candidate.  Kasich needs to get on board with his party and start supporting Trump. Not that anyone listens to him in the first place, but it is unseemly.

Hey Kasich, what’s your daughter asking you now about how you criticize Trump all the time?  Isn’t she upset with all the negative talk like she was during the election?  Are your town hall folks on board with all your negativity?  If you ever run for president again, please don’t spew that garbage on us again, since you’re being such a hypocrite now. Practice what you preached!  You’re not a loyal Republican.  Be more like Huckabee or Cruz; they care more about the country than their hurt pride.

Wake up Democrats.  I hate to tell you, but the majority of the United States is conservative. They don’t want to: lose traditional values; have open borders; turn Socialist; abolish ICE;  turn back tax cuts;  lose their mini vans or job;  live in fear of South Korea, terror attacks, or school shootings; or impeach the man who’s brought back the economy.  It’s the economy, Stupid.  And you can’t take credit for it Kasich.

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