The More the Players Take a Knee, the Higher Trump’s Polls Will Be.

Why?  Because Trump loves our country, our American Flag, and the National Anthem and the players don’t.

This all started under Obama after the fake “hands up don’t shoot” narrative that spread to the players wearing tee shirts with the slogan.  Obama never said a thing.  In fact, he and Eric Holder only fanned the fire by attending protests in Ferguson.  This taking a knee by the football players started under Obama’s watch not Trump’s.  Trump has tried his best to influence the team owners to imposing some fines, but to no avail yet.

When are these owners and coaches going to show who’s the boss and fine these players?  They are disrespectful to America, the viewers, and the game. But maybe the owners are afraid of backlash like the Republicans have been subjected to at their homes and when out to eat.  So they are caving to the spoiled players out of fear.  This sets a bad example for future generations.  Personally, I’d fire each and everyone of them that takes a knee from this day on.  Make it clear to them that it is against NFL terms of employment.

But, bottom line is:  The more they take a knee, the higher Trump’s polls will be.  We want Trump to restore traditional values, and honoring our flag is one of them.  See how that works out for you in November, boys.  If you were smart, you’d leave your feigned outrage at home with your activist moms.

More and more, I am beginning to hate activists and feminists.  When parents raise their children from infant to adult with radical views and activism, this is what you get.  Disrespectful adults. You can’t go back to the crib and change them now.  They are fully grown and radicalized.  But if they lose their job, maybe it will flip a light on in their heads.  There has to be consequences for bad behavior.  And criticizing the players for bad behavior, is not racist.  You can’t cry racist every time you don’t like what someone says.  That’s crying wolf.  The players are overusing the race card, and it’s getting old.

Just stand up and pledge the American Flag like you were taught in kindergarten. Period!


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