Peter Strzok Fired by FBI…Finally! The Swamp is Draining…Drip by drip.


Peter Strzok, the FBI agent that the Democrats tried to protect during his hearing (one even saying he deserved a Purple Heart) is finally fired.  Thank you.  Republicans right once again.

Will the Democrats finally admit that Strzok was conspiring to take Trump out of the running?  Will the Democrats apologize for their disgusting behavior during Strzok’s hearing?  Answer is “No.”

Now that most everyone at the top of the FBI under Obama has been fired for conduct unbecoming of an agent, will everyone put two and two together and realize that Trump was being targeted by the FBI all the while Hillary was being protected?  I’m waiting.  Just waiting for someone in fake stream media to admit it.  Morning Joe, Maddow, Matthews, Cooper, anyone?  Sure, it’s a hard pill to swallow but someone has to swallow it.  The public is on to you now.  You’re cover-up artists and you bury good news on Trump. Especially since you are coming after Trump with a bunch of op-eds soon.  No one believes op-eds in left-wing newspapers.  I’ve read some in the NYTimes and WAPO. They have always been garbage from the left, if not outright lies.

Not to worry Trump.  They are being exposed one by one, drip by drip, even though it’s hard for the FBI to turn on their own.  Now the fake stream media will report that Trump forced the FBI to fire Strzok.  Don’t believe them.  Trump has been waiting patiently for justice and truth to prevail.  Sometimes it takes a while.  But the fact that Strzok and his mistress spearheaded the Trump investigation, should tell you all you need to know.  Biased, partisan, political hacks are heading up investigations at the FBI and Special Counsel.

Drain the swamp!

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