The Hypocrisy of the Media Stinks.

The fake stream media is in uproar over Trump calling Omarosa some names.  Where was their outrage when the White House Correspondence Dinner comedian went after Sarah Sanders with vicious, ugly insults?  Nowhere.  Where were they when the left went after Palin and family with vicious sexist insults? Nowhere. Where were they when the left confronted Kirsten Neilson calling her names when she ate dinner? Nowhere. Where were they when the left makes insulting remarks about Melania?  Nowhere.  Where were they when the left made cruel sick jokes about Ivanka?  Nowhere. They have a war against conservative women that is a fact, so don’t get all indignant when Trump defends himself against an untrustworthy former female employee. Don’t go playing the race card again.  We’re sick of it!

Trump is an equal opportunity insulter and never throws the first punch.  It is always in retaliation for some stupid remark whether it comes from Joe Biden (who’s not black), or from McCain (who’s not black) or from Senator Flake (who’s not black), or Pelosi (who’s not black) or Kasich (who’s not black) or any of the CNN reporters.  He doesn’t care about your race or gender, he cares about your lying mouth. Stop lying, and he’ll stop tweeting insults. Period.

Now Omarosa sold her soul to the devil when she came out like some Antifa or BLM women’s movement member. Let’s find out who paid her to write this so-called “tell all” book full of lies; that will be very telling.  Hillary maybe?  Oprah maybe?  Michelle maybe? Whoopi maybe?  Soros maybe?  Maxine maybe?  Someone with lots of greenbacks is behind her book and she figured she could be the darling of the left media once she published it.  It was a win, win, win for her.  Make some money, get revenge on Trump administration, and go on lots of talk shows where they’ll swoon over every lie that falls off her lips.  It’s disgusting but when the left throws money at you sometimes the devil emerges.

Nothing good will come from what she’s done.  She’s just sending more conservatives to the polls this November. What she is doing is illegal to begin with but the left feels they are above the law since not one corrupt FBI agent has been arrested yet.  We have set the table for behavior like this by turning a blind eye to crimes.  Once we start prosecuting these lowlifes, then they’ll think twice before committing them.

Trump obviously made a huge mistake hiring her in the first place.  What qualifications does she have?  Can she write a letter?  Does she have computer skills even?  Can she take notes?  Seems like her only skills are buying clothes and recording with a hidden cell phone.  Keep shopping Omarosa.  No one will ever hire you again.

And soon 100 newspapers will print anti-Trump op-eds?  Do we really need to know their opinion?  We’ve been reading and hearing it for a year and a half.  Enough already.  Why do you think I started this blog?  The print media is so anti-Trump, we have no say in what they print. If we comment on their lying articles, they won’t print it; but if they do, the left readers gang up on you.  We don’t care about the left-wing readers opinions.  They are all living in a bubble.  They all have TDS.



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