PC Judges Will Be the Ruin of Our Nation.

All these politically correct judges who release blatant criminals for fear of Muslim discrimination are setting us up for another terror attack.  This compound in New Mexico that was training children to commit a school shooting is evidence enough to put the Muslim leaders behind bars without bail.  Whatever happened to the warning, “If you see something, say something?”

The police saw something for months before being able to get a warrant to enter this brainwashing enslavement camp.  So when they make arrests, the judge lets these animals out on bail to escape authorities altogether.  Does the judge think these jihads will follow court orders? If anything, it will expedite their plans for an attack. They hate America and don’t respect us.  The judge said something which sounded eerily similar to what Comey said about Hillary’s case.  “There was no credible evidence that a terror attack was imminent.” “There was no evidence that she had intent to do what she did.”  Is this the new standard of ruling on a case?  No intent and not imminent enough? Are they blind?  It’s almost like they need to see it in writing, “Yes we are planning an attack or “Yes I had a private server to avoid the freedom of information act and communicate privately with Obama.”

This political correctness makes it impossible for the police to stop potential criminals that may be planning an attack.  Just like in Florida where the schools and police were told to turn a blind eye if they hear or see a high school student threatening violence, because they’d lose school funding from a Promise Program that encourages all minorities to graduate.  One of Obama’s beauties.

Now I’m sure this radical judge was appointed by Obama and she was using her power to stick it to the Trump Administration that there is no radical Islamic terror in America.  This is what Obama’s judges do.  They ignore law and order and rule with political activism like all the judges who ruled against Trump’s travel ban but got overruled by the Supreme Court.

When I saw that a Muslim terror camp was discovered in middle America, I was shocked.  There could be more of these camps all over the U.S.  For a judge to rule like this baffles me.  She is against all that this country stands for.  We can’t let these politically correct activists continue ruining our country.  Did they forget 9-11 already?  Are we going back to pre-9-11 mentality?  Are we going to let Muslims on a visa train in flight schools again?  Are we going to let military personnel with an ax to grind stay in office because he’s Muslim?  We have to learn from experience; and when we don’t, we are destined for failure.

This judge will undoubtedly bring more conservatives to the polls this November so we can continue to Drain the Swamp of swamp dwellers.

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